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  • Ruud van Tilburg
    June Margaret Saladine Evans
  • Wera Teresa Gulliksen
    Robin Goodfellow
  • Peter O'brien
    Joyce O'brien
  • Sheila Adamafio
    Emmanuel Boateng Gambrah
  • Jennifer Walters
    John Trevor Walters
  • Malcolm Worman
    Edna May Flanagan
  • Janet N Jones
    Gerald Austin Jones
  • Austin Asagba
    Gina Sommerville
  • Imran Ramnarine
    Isha Carmen Mohamed James
  • Logan Roundabout
    Dunavon House 1950
  • Michael R
    WW2 Royal Canadian Signals soldier
  • Maureen Wardle
    Mary riley
  • Kathleen Ann Rigby
    Her mother Nellie Rigby nee Brown
  • Mary
    Patrick Joseph Eleftherious
  • Gillian Duff
    Michael Allen and Joanne Alison Ross / Jones
  • Michael Condron
    Margaret Mary Murphy
  • Hague Stuart
    Kathleen McNight, (Claire, Sharon, Darren Anthony)
  • Evelyn Pryke Nee Turner
    cousin Roger White
  • Louisa Ferreira now Canosa
    Sharon Uren
  • Gillian
    Pearson children (what relation they were to my gran)
  • Patricia Daum
    Garth Morris
  • Nick (Dominic) Beever
    grandfather's history at Medomsley
  • Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet
    Brother Patrick was born around 1956.
  • Marjorie Gushue
    June my husband's mother who was born in 1928
  • Judith Bulger
    Daniel A. Bulger
  • Barbara
    Nazareth House Hammersmith 1961/2
  • Barbara Wilson
    Joyce family in Middlesbrough
  • Pauline Dorfelt
    relatives of my mother, Jean Stromeyer
  • Russell
    Ronald RUSSELL b. 1931 (Warwickshire)
  • Julia
    Eddie Keith Makepeace Massey
  • Audrey Titus
    Jacob Titus (grandfather)
  • Amy Clarke
    Kirstie Marie Clarke
  • Edwards family
    twins Ann and Peter Edwards born in Withington Hosp.
  • Margot McAllister
    My brother James
  • Michael David Clark (Aldred)
    Dorothy Clark (Aldred) married Henry west
  • Carol Crumpler
    Carol Ann Booth (born Page)
  • Jim O'Brien
    Ann Crehan 1951 in London
  • Malcolm John Wright
    Winifred Pauline Wright (Holt)
  • Michelle
    Mary Bowen
  • Madeleine Riha
    Betty Mills born between 1921 and 1926
  • Raymond Henry Wallington
    unknown relatives
  • Margaret Marshall
    Margaret Eveline Jarman
  • Karen Lloyd
    Alan Lee born 1955 Luton Beds, Kevin Lee born 1958
  • John and Ann Parker
    John Joseph Williams nick name Jakie
  • Patsy Arbuthnot, Antrim
    Brendan Arbuthnot
  • Marion Marburger
    Angela born in Liverpool 1954
  • Janet Garrett
    Terence Lucas born 9 May 1952 at Kilton Hospital
  • Isobel Smith
    my half brother
  • Patricia Barker Nee Hodgson
  • Marie Franquelo
    my birth father
  • Sam
    biological father his name is Ian Evans
  • Linda Gardiner
    Dorothy Ramsden
  • Richard Hall
    children of Joseph or Joe Hall of Maltese origin
  • Lena Rollins
    brother’s biological father a Canadian soldier based in Leatherhead Oxshott
  • Gillian Elliott
    Uncle who was adopted in 1946
  • Heather Kouse
    Who my family is?
  • Helen Johnstone victor
    biological brother Jimmy Johnstone
  • Yvonne Jane Wright
    Maureen Bennett
  • Ray Smith
    brother John Henry and sister Pamela Smith
  • J Webb (nee Jackson)
    Donald, Aubrey and Norbert Jackson
  • Nicola Smith
    Archibald (known as Archie) Harold Reader
  • Raymond Colson
    Paul and Beverley Smith
  • Wendy Sheila Stebbing
    My history
  • Moses from Nigeria
    Dauda Kabura Garkida
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Natalie Barron
    Raymond Gary Barlow
  • Ceri (Kennedy)
    Charles Rogers, or Rodgers
  • Christene Hartley
    Family cousins of my grandfather George Crook
  • Tracy Little
    Nellie Davis Nee Jackson
  • Suzanne Isaacs nee King
    Margaret (Peggy) Hall
  • Karen Richardson
    Simone Anthea Bailey 11.04.1977
  • Lionel Howes
    Dale Young, age late 50's early 60's
  • Linda Gardiner
    Anthony Ramsden
  • Rena Heard
    My Birth Mother
  • Beryl Joseph
    Catherine Laughlan
  • Walter Eggert and Klaus Beck
    Annemarie Prior
  • Barbara Reeve
    Peter David Biddle
  • Ian Brown
    Christopher Brown
  • Steven Treadgold
    Michael Treadgold
  • Nicola Michelle Stephen
    Gillian Stephen or snaipe
  • Margaret Turner
    Susan L K Parrett born 1963
  • Afzal
    Joyce Smith
  • Penelope Skuse
    Her birth mother and half siblings
  • Stephen Bryan
    Mother Kathleen Parker
  • Beth Neilly
    North Middlesex Children’s Home
  • Mary M
    Natalie and Samantha, surname Pitassi
  • Emma-Lea McKay
    Brother Adam, son of Hazel and Mark Hills
  • Paula White
    Mom's cousins
  • Stacey
    DARREN LEE EDWARDS (born on 21/07/1972)
  • Melissa Hill
    Half brother Darren Christopher Hill
  • Maria McCollum
    Dad (James McCollum)
  • Kevin Liggs
    John Oliver (my grandfather)
  • Kate (nee Catherine Hurt)
    Sister Gerard
  • Moses from Nigeria
    Alfred Norman Lewis
  • Tina Coats
    Joe Kenny, my father
  • Phil & Terre
    Sister who was born Ann Brett on 12th Jan 1938 in Bath
  • Richard Farrow
    Birth mother Margaret Elizabeth Jennings
  • Jean Kerr
    Sister Kathleen Leach, born 28 August 1929
  • Louise Joy Hayes
    Carol Ann Hayes
  • Kay Nicholson
    John Nicholson
  • Jean Anne Rogers
    John Anthony David Rogers born Cardiff 22 Feb 1939
  • Laura Lucinda Clark
    Richard James Clark
  • A Searle
    birth mother
  • Edwards niece Nancy
    Edward F.B. Makepeace born 1942
  • Claire Macdonald
    Margaret Miller spent time in Nazareth House Oxford
  • Maureen Veido

    Eddie Mc Donald
  • Grahame Fox
    Marion Carr (maiden name Phillips)
  • Shirley Parker
    Ethel May Parker
  • Ginny Knight-Williams
    descendants of William Thomas
  • Susan Harper
    Siblings of the late William Mark Harper
  • Daniielle McCarthy
    Madeline McCarthy maiden name was Callaghan
  • ED
    Nazareth House Finchley or Isleworth 1929 and 1940>
  • Jane Blamire (nee Webber)
    Christopher James Smith
  • Charlie Cannings
    Grandfather, Herbert Edward Cannings
  • Ann Marie Bouloux Leroy
    Caryl Gilliland
  • Diane Taylor
    Darren Lewis Price
  • Debbie Jackman
    Grandfather Joseph Denslow
  • Heather, Gwyneth, and Trefor Heron
    Care homes in south Wales 1954
  • Kelly Rowson (nee Freeman)
    Sharon Marie Heyes
  • Donald K. Morrison
    Charles Morrison child or children
  • Sue Smith (Niece)
    Kenneth Alan Smith born 1943
  • Dupe Oduwole
    Nephew Simon (Tunde Amona)
  • Edith von der Heide
    Peter & Patricia FitzSimons children of Arthur & Madge FitzSimons
  • Patricia Grant
    Helen Fletcher
  • Peter Brown
    Brother George Brown
  • Beatrice Norrie
    half sister and her people
  • Paul Bailey
    History of my father Harold sippam
  • Fiona Neeson
    My younger brother Davies born in 1968
  • Fadi Mansur Shah
    Patrick Casey
  • Mr and Mrs Coppard
    Adam Barwell
  • John Hudson
    Ian Morrison, formerly of Fairlops
  • Vic Carr
    Robin and Peter Metcalfe
  • Abhishek bhattacharya
    Ganesh Chandra Chatterjee 'joe'
  • Magdalene Anne
    Lionel Wesley Thomas Brown (my father)
  • Gary Alexander Edwards
    Shirley Edwards, maiden name Henderson Tant
  • Patricia Theodorou
    Warkworth House
  • David born in Kensington in 1963
    My father Vito George
  • Pamela Hunter
    Grandfather Gilbert Baxter Patterson born 1906
  • Katrina Russell
    Dorrian Eugene Hughes
  • Liam Goodley
    Any traces of George Anthony Hitt
  • James Clayton
    Robert, Raymond, Edward Clayton
  • Ann Marie Gaynor
    Sister and Brother
  • Mark Robinson
    Nazareth Children’s home in Torquay
  • Ron Holder
    Cottage Homes or Medomsley
  • Simone
    Nazareth House Isleworth, London
  • Anita Doctor
    The nutshell
  • Bridget Egan
    Elizabeth Kuchar (daughter)
  • Sharon Uren
    ex-Nazareth House, 1950's
  • Paul sheen
    Allan john Clarke
  • Vanessa
    William Clifford Morris
  • Louise
    Kenneth Charles Slater's son, Malcolm Slater
  • Emma Copeland
    Any half siblings
  • Dawn Cabon
    Andrew Magoo
  • Fred Johnson
    Ellen Newton ne Johnson
  • Jean McAlonan
    Boyle ancestry
  • Ann Constance Wilson
    Mary Elizabeth Duggan
  • Phyllis Haycox
    Norman Lloyd
  • The Hunt family
    William Hunt
  • Sue Newton
    Hilda May Collins nee Homewood
  • Brian
    Selveranie Pillay
  • Sandra Arnott
    Eileen Phyllis lee
  • Ann Kelly
    Ann Cunningham
  • Jan
    Mildred Evelyn Gelson
  • Cynthia Lemon
    (Mary Cooke) Edith Cooke
  • Rachel (Shelly Elder) Taylor
    Jonathan Wynn-Williams
  • Kathryn Jackson
    Nazareth House, Plymouth Yelverton 1954
  • Linda
    Mary Riley or Mary Donovan
  • Karen X
    Peter Stefanovic
  • Annie Jeffries
    Mother Alice Travis
  • Dr Dave Martinson
    Carl Gustav Martinsson
  • Elizabeth
    Karin Parkin
  • Marian Thoma
    Steve and Shela ghoriginate
  • Susan Loane
  • B. Clayton
    Patricia Sinfield
  • Doreen Murphy
    Bernadette Murphy
  • May Pigrum
    Ellen and Ann Crowe
  • D. Sharp
    Jim Mynott
  • Lilani Goonesen
    Josephine Morrell
  • Eileen 25 Feb 1933
    any family
  • Evadlezah
    David Rogers
  • Sarah
    Ian and Robert gill
  • Sons of Eva Keenan
    (now Murray) Her fathers name
  • Margaret burns
    Thomas Williamson
  • Sheila
    Vivienne Elliott
  • Victor Metcalfe
    Peter and Robin Metcalfe
  • Clare
    My dad I think his name was Alex
  • Michelle
    Great aunt Dora Davies
  • Peter Mahon
    Nazareth House boys (1944-1955)
  • Patricia Costa
    father’s family, name Walter Sibley
  • Annmarie
    My Mother's file from when she was in care
  • Gerry James Niggemeier
    James Jonathan Cook
  • Marie Hamilton
    Derek Joseph Dixon
  • Fiona Jackson
    Melvin Fothergill
  • Sharon Morton
    Timothy Scott (mother’s first born child)
  • Stephen Nuttall
    Nuttall family
  • Edward W. Chambers
    Peter Frederick Henry Chambers
  • Kevin Mills
    Colin John Roger Mills
  • Dave & Samantha Hills
    Lorraine Sandra Littlefear
  • Paulley
    Lorraine Susanne Irish or Cleary (My Mother)
  • Dave Jones
    Alexandra Nursing Home & Children's Home
  • Jeni Gough
    Eunice Oliver nee Williams
  • Ken
    Records of Little Cottage orphanage
  • John Bushell
    Benjamin Bushell
  • Angela Gray
    Elsie Hamilton (Nazareth house in 1905)
  • John R Martin
    His history
  • Nicola-Anne Pengelly
    Edward Franklyn chambers
  • Elizabeth Woodruffe
    time spent at Nazareth house
  • John Wills
    Maurice Ash
  • Charlotte Harris
    Adam Cole
  • Susan McBeath
    looking for my father
  • Pamela Mary Lingard
    Ellis of Pendyffryn Rd., Rhyl
  • Denis Barry
    Reginald Jones
  • Hilary Rollason
    Patrick and Mary lived
  • Angela Dyer
    Nazereth House Scotland also Smylliun House
  • Florence Gibbons
    Medomsley children’s Cottage Homes
  • Beryl Henderson
    Fay Henderson
  • Sheila Sempa
    Annette white
  • David Cleary
    Sheila Cleary
  • kevin Mcnamara
    Brian Scott
  • Martine Ford
    Nazareth House Orphanage, Cardiff (records)
  • Paul Moss
    Sidney Billing
  • Alysia Shaw
    Joseph Shaw
  • Faye Clarkson
    Elizabeth Fox Inman
  • Joseph Michael Mannion
    Joseph Patrick Mannion
  • Rob Blackwell
    Villa Languard in early 1950's
  • Jessie Fox, formerly Jessie Deane
    Dorothy Lumley
  • Stephi Sheila and Doreen
    Elsie Wooley
  • Bob Carlson
    Carlson Beatrice
  • Steve O'Donnell
    Isabelle O'Donnell
  • Leanne Louise Leadbitter
    Looking for birth family
  • Gordon Nimmo
    Caroline Nimmo
  • Frances Maddox
    Margaret Burton
  • Anne Buckland
    people who have lost siblings
  • Sandra Arnott
    May Bell born 1928 in Edinburgh
  • Geraldine Wilson
    Margaret Mary White or Galbraith
  • Mary Hawkins who is 80
    relatives from the Kent area
  • Lizzie and Maureen O’Callaghan
    Phillip O Callaghan Bexhill on Sea
  • Anne Lesnick
    Malcolm Thomas
  • Janine Cook
    Trevor Heath born 1944 Isleworth
  • Melanie James
    Ester Primrose Nuttal
  • Annette Weckert
    Eileen Alannah Bolton
  • Ed
    Hetty (Hedwig)
  • Judy Davis
    Alice Collins (known as Val)
  • Jenny Buzzard
    Cottage Homes in 1926 in Norton Road, Stourbridge
  • Rebekah Markham
    Margaret Durden
  • Kevin Thirlway
    sister who was adopted in 1965 in the Leeds Bradford area
  • Natasha Rogerson
    Family of Clarkson
  • Giuliano Mario Renghi
    Ian Williams and Brenda Williams
  • Kevin and Philip McNulty
    The reception centre. Brindle road
  • Ian Vince
    Nellie Backhouse
  • Mullen Theresa
    man who was born in Torquay hospital 12/09/1975
  • Carol Meldrum
    Uncle Dennis and Aunt Marion whistler
  • Dr John A Crolla
    Maria Corelli Mary Corell MacDonald Gill
  • Freda J Holding
  • Tarik Maged Mostafa Ismail
    Caroline Margaret Pearl Ismail
  • D Pickhardt
    Sissons family
  • Ray Martin
    Horace Martin (my father)
  • Elizabeth Kuchar
    Birth mother
  • Kay and Ian
    Irene born Irene Treadwell
  • Hi there, For some time I have been searching for June Margaret Saladine Evans born June 10th 1934.
    Daughter of Charles R Evans (Aug. 15 1898 ) and Gladys E Evans ( Jan 2 1902 ). June’s address used to be 13, Smithfield Inn, Berwyn Street, Llangollen, Denbigshire, Wales. I stumbled upon a gift from her parents she received on Xmas eve 1945 I dearly wish either to give it back to her or to her direct family. Could you please please help me? Ruud van Tilburg Ref: 266
  • Hello from Norway. I found this site when searching for my father, so I give it a try :). My father was born 12. June 1938 at Kings cross, Alexandra road in London. He was given away for adoption right away. His name on the birth certificate was Robin Goodfellow. Today he would be 82 years old and I don’t know if he even knows he is adopted away. But a clue may be that he was in oxford in 1967 in December, and met my mother - a half English/half Norwegian girl named Elna. My mother went home to Norway when she found out she was pregnant, and I was born in September 1968. He may have been in the military camp in oxford when he met my mother, but that is not for sure.
    My mother lived in oxford and was working at a pub, Burnies inn. It is possible that he has the surname Smith? If so, he may have grown up in Dorset. If anyone knows something to help me trace him, I would be very happy.Kind regards, Wera Teresa Gulliksen, Norway Ref: 265
  • Hi I'm wondering if you can help I'm looking for JOYCE O'BRIEN my friend Peter O'brien is her son he was taken by authority's when he was just a few weeks old in 1956 he was born in Blackburn Lancashire he just wants to see his mum as he is totally lost as to his family. Ref: 264
  • Looking for Emmanuel Boateng Gambrah, last known address flat 8 Linden 7 Rotton Park Rd Edgbaston Birmingham, B16 9JH. Thank you Sheila Adamafio Ref: 263
  • Can you help find my father: John Trevor Walters, D.O.B: 14/09/1944, Army Service Number: Sig23986887Walters, Place of Birth: Dyfed/Carmarthenshire. Father`s mother name: Catherine Thomas. Last known address: 11 Heol Myrddin, Ffairfach, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, SA19 6PD. Many thanks Jennifer Ref: 262
  • Looking for girls same age as myself 69 brought up in Dunavon house Strathaven my name was Phemie Steel married name Logan Roundabout Ref: 261
  • My father I was reliably informed died somewhere about April 10 2016 His name is Gerald Austin Jones 82 years old he lived at 7 Renfrew house 20 Carlton vale London England NW6 5ES I need information about where he died the nature of the illness, and the funeral home his remains was taken I will need these information to assist me to take home his remains to Jamaica where other relatives can pay their last respect. My name is Janet Nadine Jones I am from Old Harbour St Catherine Jamaica My telephone numbers are -------- need your help thank you. Janet N Jones Ref: 260
  • I was born on 30/09/1943 at Wayside Oadby U.D. My mother was Edna May Flanagan formerly Applebee of 41, Frederick Place Plumstead, London S E 18 as per declaration dated 15th October 1943. Could you please let me have details of my father please. Yours, Malcolm Worman Ref: 259
  • Please kindly link me up with Gina Sommerville, a very close friend who lived at 123, Church Parade, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8, England between 1986, 1987, with her mother and brother. We lost touch at the later of part of 1988. I would be very happy to reconnect with her after so many years. I can be contacted on Ref:258 Regards Austin Asagba
  • Hi Adel,
    I am looking for a WW2 Royal Canadian Signals soldier based in Oxshott/Leatherhead in 1943. His name was Norman Fraser and he was from Toronto Canada. He had a wife and 3 children in Canada but also fathered my brother in June 1944. We are sure he only died in 2012 and are desperate to contact any of his family (should they be willing to speak to us) so my brother can put a close on who his father was and what he was like. Any information would be fantastic as he has wondered all this time who he was!! We live in hope someone may contact us. kindest regards Michael R Ref:257
  • Hi am looking for Michael Allen and Joanne Alison Ross / Jones. From last known address South Shields Newcastle railway station not but defo station street am desperate to find our last off my granddad sister children they are age between 62 Michael 53 Alison 42 Joanne last seen them 1974 my great grandparents were alive in 1974 hope u can help in some way
    They have big big family in Edinburgh Jones family Micheal and his 2 sister had uncle Thomas Mathew Jones he had 6 girls and 2 boys and they all have children grandchildren we come off travellers tinkers my Gillian Duff Ref:256
  • Hi, Please can you help me? I am searching for my brother Patrick Joseph Eleftherious born on the 21/03/1963. His adoption took place on the 21/04/1964, at Thurrock court which closed many years ago, but his file is at Chelmsford county court, I live in Peterborough but they don't do an intermediate service, is there any other way to find out his adopted name as I have heard of a lot of people who can trace family members through face book, our mothers name is Margaret Cronin but know as (Eleftherious) our mum lived in London when he was born. Before and after his birth myself and my older sister was in care. We found out about him in 2008, my sister was born in 1959, I was born 1963, please if anyone has any information please contact me. Mary Ref: 255
  • Dear Adel, I am looking for Kathleen Elizabeth McNight, Claire Jayne Anthony, Sharon Louise Anthony and Darren Ford Anthony. They are mentioned in the will of James Black (twice married) but as far as I am aware no children. James died in 2014 and had been living in Gorleston and Bradwell, Greta Yarmoth East Anglia. His second wife, Kathleen Black, died in 2002. Hague Stuart Ref: 254
  • can you help find people on pictureHi my gran Margaret Joyce Parks (everyone called her Joyce) passed away just under a month ago now. I don't know much about her family she was my papa's partner for over 30 years or more and lived in Preston. She had no children of her own but when I was looking through her things I came across a newspaper clipping of 5 children. The caption read; meet the Pearson children who were brought up in Hamer Road, Preston. The photo is taken around 1940 and shows Millie, Betty on her knee, Jean, Eileen (contributors) and their brother George. Eileen now Mrs. Reed says their mother went on to have 4 more children, so there were 9 children in total. I am trying to find out what relation they were to my gran. I have sent the newspaper article with this email. Please help me. Thank you Gillian Ref: 253
  • I am Wendy Hodgkins. I have been looking for the past 50 years for my brother and sister. Have just found my sister Patricia on Facebook, she lives in Canada. This has renewed the hope of finding my brother Patrick. We were born in Evesham to Barbara Hodgkins Prosser. My brother Patrick was born around 1956. He could be registered as Patrick Smith or Prosser or no family name. He was fostered when he was around 5 or 6 he may have taken the name of his foster family. He was a cadet in the merchant navy in the south of England I was told he moved to Australia and was or is working in the merchant navy.
    It’s all I have I’m afraid. But at least now I have a sister. Thank you for your attention Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet Ref: 252
  • Hello Adel, I’m looking for any information really on my stay at this Children’s Home Nazareth House Hammersmith. I’m unsure as to how long I was there for, as I was very young, but I think I was there from around 1961/2 till possibly 1963/4. My date of birth is 1st June 1960. As you can understand, I have very little memories of this. Kind regards, Barbara. Ref: 251
  • I am researching of behalf of a client in Western Australia with the surname RUSSELL, though due to lack of contact with the family have not made any actual physical contact at this stage. Ronald RUSSELL b. 1931 (Warwickshire) left England for New Zealand in 1955, he married and has a daughter but sadly passed away before my client could make contact with him (- d. 2001 (NZ) l My client who has never met any of her English family as her father and mother separated and she travelled back to Qld, Australia. She has tried several times over the years and now is really wanting to establish contact with any remaining family. Ronald's parents were Edward RUSSELL b. 1884 - 1959 and Elizabeth Nee Gainham b.1889 - 1967, we are aware of 2 sisters and 4 brothers of which there are only 1 brother and sister alive. There are children from these marriages and my client is wanting to make contact with her Aunt and Uncle and cousins in England. Would you be able to assist by placing on your section 'Can you help' Ref: 250
  • My name is Amy Clarke I’m looking for my cousin who was adopted at 9 week old I don’t know her name now but it was Kirstie Marie Clarke. Please help me find her. Ref: 249
  • My sisters maiden name was Dorothy Clark (Aldred) she married Henry west in a town called Horsham in uk approx 1950s she was known to emigrate to Canada and may be return to uk her mothers name was Dorothy Florence Clark (Brechin) I am her young brother Michael David Clark (Aldred) she had two older brothers, Ronald and Frederick and an older sister Margaret. we lived in a village called Rogate nr Petersfield, I would love to hear from her. Ref: 248
  • Hi Adel, My name is Khalid Shafi, I was born Malcolm John Wright to Winifred Pauline Wright (Holt) on November 10th, 1956 at the Nuffield Maternity Home Radcliffe, England. I am seeking information as to anyone that may have a photograph of my mother or any other information as to my family history. I do not wish to contact any member of what might be existing family if that is their wish I just simply would like to see what my birth mother may have looked like or simply some information about family history. I was adopted by an American family and brought to the United States of America where I presently reside since the 1960's. My life long wish is to know or see what my mother looked like. I do not care about the reasons that I was placed for adoption because that is not important to me.. I would just like to glimpse at my mothers portrait before I pass.. if by some remote chance that some of my natural family would like to contact me they may do so. It would be a most welcomed event.. Thank you for your patience and time and this website. May peace and the blessings of prosperity always find their way to you and yours.. Ref: 247
  • I was born Raymond Henry Wallington March 21 1947. Father was Henry Wallington mother Vera Wallington. Parents divorced just wondering if I had any unknown relatives, thank you. Ref: 245
  • Looking for my dad John Joseph Williams nick name Jakie. Born1933/1934 last known address was London haven't seen him since he left family home in Middlesbrough 1965 he has family here wanting to meet him again . John and Ann Parker Ref: 244
  • Terence Lucas born 9 May 1952 at Kilton Hospital, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Birth parents Derry Henry Lucas and Doris Evelyn Mary Lucas- married couple living in Mansfield. Father occupation coal miner. Placed for adoption. Possibly adopted through Barnardos and taken overseas. Sister/cousin would like contact. Thanks Janet Garrett Ref: 243
  • Hello. My name is Marie Franquelo. I was looking for information concerning my birth father my mother was in Nazareth house in 1971. Her name was Mary Angela Earle. She had me in March 1971. If anyone knew her or any information I would appreciate it. Thank you for everything. Marie Franquelo Ref: 242
  • Dear Adel,
    We are looking for the children of Joseph or Joe Hall of Maltese origin, whose parents were Richard Hall (born on the 17th march 1878 Castletown Ireland, and worked as an engineer in the navy) we think Richard came to Malta in the 1905 First World War and got married to Pauline Bugeja from Senglea Malta on the 23 of January 1906. Joseph or Joe Hall had three siblings, Mary, Richard and Charles. His children visited Malta around 25 years ago, but we never got to meet because we were not aware of their presence in Malta. We believe that our Uncle emigrated to England then moved to Wales in the fifties. We know that he had two sons, Michael or Peter and Paul, which one of them at the time worked as a policeman in Swansea. Many Thanks. Richard Hall Ref: 241
  • Hello my name is Heather Kouse I am looking for information about my heritage where I come from. Who my family is? I was adopted in 1990. I know who my birth mother and father are there names are Walter Walmack and Tina Jacobs. I just want to know where I originate from. If any one has information plz let me know thank you. Ref: 240
  • Husbands missing siblings. My Husband is Ray Smith b. July 16th 1937 his brother John Henry b November? 1932 and a sister Pamela Smith b July 16th 1942. Yes same Birthday as my Husband. He would dearly love to find them. Regards Sandy Smith Ref: 239
  • Dear Adel, My name is Raymond Colson, and I live in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In the early 90's, when on holiday in former Yugoslavia I met some fine English people. After the holidays we stayed in contact for many years. Unfortunately we lost contact in the beginning of 2006. Since several weeks I'm trying to restore the contact. Up till now I've been unsuccessful. The persons I'm looking for are: - Paul and Beverley Smith (I think his date of birth is 20th of March 1945) - His daughters Janie en Angela. In December 2005 I received a Christmas card from Paul and Beverley in which they wrote their address and phone number: Their address: Robinson Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 1UN. The phone number they gave me (and which I tried to call) is disconnected. So now, I'm tracing the internet to see if I can find them.
    But unfortunately they don’t live at that address anymore and I don’t have any contact information (no new address or phone number). Can you please help me to find them? Ref: 238
  • Adel. My mother (godrest her soul) Had an affair with a married man in the fifties, I am the outcome of that love affair. My mother has past away. I did say out of respect I would never pursue my true father. I’ve been told by relatives on mother’s side that my biological father has also past away. He’s name was JOSEPH FOLEY. That’s all I’ve got to go on apart from my name before being adopted by my biological mom Malcolm Smith. I was adopted in 1970. My biological father had 2 children.. I know he was bus driver working out of Digbeth bus station regular driver on the number 8 bus route. I’m married (34) years with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. It a piece of jigsaw been missing for too many years. I’ve tried salvation army who declined to help. If I had more information about Joseph Foley Id have attempted to find out more on my own via the web but all avenues appear shut. Your help most appreciated. Thank you Ref: 237
  • I am Christene Hartley my family migrated to Australia 1922, I would love contact with my English family cousins of my grandfather George Crook they are Richard Crook born Norwich 1927 his children Mary Ann born 1963 Terence 1964 Anthony 1965 and roger born 1970 Norwich I would like contact with the possibility of pic swap. Thank you. Ref: 236
  • Hi Adel, I am trying to trace my daughter whom was adopted in London 1979-1980. She was born Simone Anthea Bailey 11.04.1977 Place of birth Hammersmith London. Karen Richardson Ref: 235
  • baby Abandoned on a DoorstepAbandoned on a Doorstep (February 14 1963) Sussex Road, Brixton S.W. (Newspaper Article / Pictures attached). I was abandoned on a doorstep. I was adopted by a United Sates of America Military Family. I currently live in the United States. I know nothing of my Birth Mother. Can you help? Thanks Rena. Ref: 234
  • Could you help trace a son adopted from Lorna lodge mother and baby home Didsbury in 1965? His birth name was Peter David Biddle and he was adopted through Tame Side Council His current name is Chris Smith or Jones He may have emigrated late in life after the death of both his adoptive parents. Regards. Barbara Reeve. Ref: 233
  • Hi, I am looking to find my birth mother. My birth records show I was named Nicola Michelle Stephen and my mother was either Stephen or snaipe. I do know her first name was Gillian. I was born in Lytham st Annes in September 1971. Gillian was 24 at the time. I hope you can help. Virginia Taylor-Fallows. Ref: 231
  • I am searching on behalf of my mother, who was born 20th April 1967 in Bristol. Her name at birth was Penelope Skuse, although this was changed upon adoption. She was adopted aged 6 weeks old and shortly after her adoption went through, her birth mother fell pregnant again. For this reason we believe my mother has half siblings, even if her birth mother is now deceased. No one has ever tried to make contact, but I really would like to find some sort of connection and answer for my mother and connect her with blood relatives who aren’t her own children. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards. Andrea Silvester. Ref: 230
  • Adel - I am helping a friend search for her fraternal twin girls who were born in Putney, Wandsworth, January 20, 1971. This friend has lived in the U.S. for many years. She was unwed at the time of twins' birth so agreed to give them up for adoption. She believes the girls were adopted by a teacher and her husband, a pilot, who lived in Kent. My friend named the girls Natalie and Samantha, surname Pitassi. Please post this. I would love to give my friend some good news. Thank you. Mary M. Ref: 229
  • My name is Stacey I am looking for my half brother, his name is DARREN LEE EDWARDS he was born on 21/07/1972, he would be 42 now, his sister’s name is DONNA MARIE EDWARDS, their mom was LINDA MARY EDWARDS at the time but maiden name was Johnson and married as Reynolds. He has links to Stafford in the West Midlands and was born in Stowlawn Bilston. Ref: 228
  • I am trying to find a John Oliver
    He was born in 1946 at 200 Queens Rd in Beeston in the County of Nottingham – his Father (my grandfather) was Harry Oliver and his Mother (My grandmother) Was Elsie Oliver (Maiden Name was Torvill) if anybody has any information please let me know. All the best, Kevin Liggs. Ref: 227
  • Hi Adel my name is Tina Coats and I search my father in uk. I am from Austria and my English is not good. I do not know much about my father, he is born in Ireland in Dublin 1936 and his name is Joe Kenny, he worked 1955 in the little more hospital in Oxford, he was male nurse together with my mam. He was the boy friend from my mam. I wish I can found him. Please help me. Thank you Ref: 226
  • I am looking for my sister Kathleen Leach, born 28 August 1929 at Eastry, Kent. Mother, Kathleen Mary Leach. She may have been adopted. Thank you. Jean Kerr. Ref: 225
  • John Anthony David Rogers born Cardiff 22 Feb 1939 SA? ID no. 3902225094485 Wife Jean Anne Rogers living in Cape Town, South Africa looking for him. Engineer and inventor spent some time in South Africa [first wife lived in Cape Town]. Probably went back to UK. May have since died, had brother Geoffrey living in Caerphilly, Wales, another brother Bryan. Went to school with THE Tom Jones. Ref: 224
  • Does anyone have any information about Edward F.B. Makepeace born 1942, England. His mother Janet Martin Grier Massey and father Ernest Makepeace left him at an orphanage in London. Edward also was in a Nazareth house in Newcastle from Nov. 1944- Dec 1947 with my mother (his sister). Mum doesn’t think Edward knows he has family, as he was so young when they got split up. Edward (Eddie) was with Gordon Highlanders when he marriage Jane Taylor in Middlesex, London in 1967. Please let us know if you have any information about Edward. Best regards, Edwards niece Nancy. Ref: 223
  • I am looking for a lady called Marion Carr (maiden name Phillips). She is apx 69 years old & she lived in Hayes, Middlesex up until 2009 when her property was sold. She does not appear on the death register, so we can only assume she went into a care home or nursing home in or around that area!! Can you help or advise on how I would find out??? Many Thanks Grahame Fox Ref: 222
  • Dear Adel my name is Susan Harper, and I am looking for the siblings of the late William Mark Harper. My father, I did not know my father but I found out that he had remarried and had children. My half brother & sister, last known address for my father was 10 Lysons Avenue Gloucester uk, he was a master of automobile engineering. Ref: 221
  • Hi. My name is Jane Blamire (nee Webber). I am looking for my half-brother who was put up for adoption in 1956-7. Details are sketchy!! His birth name was Christopher James Smith and the mother is Brenda Smith. I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My mother has always dreamed of re-uniting with her first born but has been difficult to get information as her recollection of dates is fuzzy. PLEASE HELP. Kind Regards Jane Blamire Ref:220
  • Hi Adel, I am helping my niece try to find her half brother. The information that I can give you is that his mothers name was Valerie Price. At the time she was living in Southall, Middlesex. Possibly in Montague Road. She became pregnant and entered Amherst Lodge, Amherst Road, Ealing. She gave birth to a son on the 11th November 1966 in Perivale Maternity Private Hospital. She named her son Darren Lewis Price. Darren was adopted out. We know he would have had a name change and don't know whether he knows if he's adopted. His half sister's name is Diane Taylor. If any one can help or give us some advice as to where else we could look for Darren it would be much appreciated. Maureen McHugh Ref: 219
  • We have been looking for our cousin for twenty years.
    We have some information on her but was told 12 months ago that she had liver cancer, this may mean that she is no longer with us! However if we can place an ad on your site to find her it would be greatly appreciated as we would love to get back in touch with her.
    Details: Sharon Marie Heyes
    Age 42. Dob: 31. July. 1971. Daughter of Peter Heyes (deceased) and Margaret Heyes (divorced). Offspring: Kerry Wilding (nee Heyes) plus 3 others (unknown)
    Last know location: Manchester Born in: Wigan (billinge) If you could be of any help, we as a family would appreciate it. Regards Kelly Rowson (nee Freeman) Ref: 218
  • Dear Adel, I am looking for my Nephew who was born in the U.K. in the late seventies. His name is Simon. My brother who is a Nigerian is called Tunde Amona, now in his late fifties. I don't know what surname he goes by now but his mothers name was Leonora also black or half white, I am not sure. She would be in her late fifties too. They lived in London at the time. I hope you can help me locate him. Regards, Dupe Oduwole Ref: 217
  • Hi Adel I am trying to trace my brother George Brown. Last known home address, 43 Meadow Road Yeovil Somerset. George was born 1 January 1944, Basingstoke. He was married to Lynne and had a daughter Gina. They may now be separated. George may also have health issues. Kind regards Peter Brown. Ref: 216
  • My younger brother was born in 1968 his surname before adoption would have been Davies and our mum was Janet Loretta Davies (née Williams) he was born in 1968 in Morriston Swansea and then adopted via Nazareth House Swansea. Please can anyone help provide any more information about the baby or about Nazareth House Swansea during that time. Thank you x Fiona Neeson Ref: 215
  • I’m trying to find an old school friend, Ian Morrison, formerly of Fairlops Secondary Modern School for Boys. He’d have attended from the early to mid 60’s. He was a resident of Dr. Barnardo’s in Barkingside, but they’ve been unable to help me contact him. He is the only one of our group we’ve been unable to trace and we’re desperate to find him and have a reunion. He was born (I think) the same month as me, August 1953, and it would be really good to hear from him. Kind regards John Hudson Ref: 214
  • Good Afternoon Adel I am a South African lady looking for my father in England. Is there any possibility that you can be of any help, I haven’t met my father and I am 50 years old. My greatest wish is to meet my father. Information regarding my father: My father Lionel Wesley Thomas Brown was married to my mother Margaret Swanepoel on 12 August 1964 in Cape Town Republic of South Africa. I was born (Magdalene Anne) on 7 December 1962 he was working according to my knowledge on a passenger liner travelling from Cape Town to England in 1962. They got divorce 27 January 1971 in Country Court Castle Square Southampton (case nr 70D0708) This is the only information I have regarding my father, my biggest wish is to meet my father in person and maybe be part of his live if he will let me. Your help will be highly appreciated and if possible to make a wish come true. I really look forward to hear from you. God bless you all. Kind Regards Magdalene Ref: 213
  • Hi, My name is David I was born in Kensington in 1963 and my mothers name was Margaret Moroney from Limerick Ireland and I have little information about my father and his name is Vito George probably from West Indies I was taken to Ireland to be adopted as far as I know how I got to Ireland is not clear as my papers were altered my date of birth was changed probably so that my father won't find me. I believe my father was living in the Kilburn area if you can help. Ref: 212
  • Hi, My name is Evelyn Pryke Nee Turner and I am trying to find my cousin Roger White second name not known. He was born in Bournemouth or South Hampshire in 1968 month and day not known. Mother’s name -: Primrose White (Nee Smith) Father’s name -: Martin Richard White (now deceased) My mother is Marcia Allidae Turner (Nee White) was Martin’s older sister. My mother emigrated to Australia in the 1950’s so I am Australian and do not know where to start to look for my cousin any help you might be able to offer would be gladly received. Cheers Evelyn Pryke Known as Ev Cowra NSW Australia Ref: 211
  • I hope you can help me. About one year ago I lost the contact to a friend. He told me, he will have a short trip by train to Scotland. After that I do not heard from him. This is unusual for him because we were constantly in contact, so I am afraid that something happened. Unfortunately I lost his old address and never asked for the new and his phone is off since then. His name is Garth Morris. He is born on 16th January 1969 and lives in Manchester. His last phone number 07543183431. I hope you can help me to get the news that he is at least ok. Kind regards Patricia Daum Ref: 210
  • My name is Marjorie Gushue from Canada and I am trying to find some information on my husband's mother who was born in 1928 and I believe was adopted as a newborn. For some reason I believe she was adopted from somewhere in England by my husband's grandparents Grant and Eliza Clarke from Newfoundland. She died in the 1950's when my husband was just 4 or 5 years old. We did find her gravesite in Newfoundland and as the grandparents are deceased as well we cannot seem to find anything on her. They called her June. A few years ago there was an ad posted in a Newfoundland newspaper from someone over in England looking for any relatives of Eliza Clarke. My mother noticed it but has misplaced the ad. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ref: 209
  • Hi My name is Barbara Wilson. I am looking for the Joyce family in Middlesbrough. Reginald Joyce was my biological father who passed away in an industrial accident at work just before I was born in 1957. I know very little about him other than he had a twin brother. I would like to make contact with any of the family -something I should have done a long time ago. If there is anyone who wishes to contact me - my e mail address is.......... I am 56 years old now. My mother remarried when I was two and we emigrated to South Africa in 1963. I would love to hear from anyone but understand should they choose not to make contact. Ref: 208
  • Eddie/Keith Makepeace/Massey - Sisters of Nazareth Newcastle.
    Hi, we are looking for Keith Makepeace/Massey or he could now be called Eddie Makepeace/Massey. He was born in Newcastle 1939 his mother was Janet Martin Grier Makepeace (nee Massey) and his father Ernest Makepeace. He came one time to Artesian Road in London in approximately 1955 to see his mother and was never seen again. He apparently was with the Scots Guards. If any information can be found we would really appreciate it. Kind regards Julia Ref: 207
  • Dear Adel. The Edwards family are trying to trace twins Ann and Peter Edwards born in Withington Hosp. Manchester in 1954. Their birth certificate states that they were adopted, but we don’t know if they were separated or adopted together. They will be 60 soon. We know nothing about what happened to them, they probably have different names now.
    Thanks.. the Edwards Family. Ref: 206
  • I am emailing on behalf of my husbands family. They are trying to locate his cousin, who has been suffering with multiple sclerosis for many years and has not been responding to calls and correspondence. It is thought she may have deteriorated and been taken into care but may not be able to communicate any details about family contacts. Her details are as follows: Carol Ann Booth born Page. Date of birth 23rd March (1943-1945). Hammersmith, London. Would you be able to help please? Carol Crumpler Ref: 205
  • Hello Adel, I am trying to find any information possible about a young girl named Mary Bowen on behalf of my mum. She is believed to have been abandoned as a baby in Marylebone hence her name. She lived at Nazereth House in Hammersmith. My mum thinks she may have been born around the late 40's and was sent to Australia around the early 1950's. Mum used to live in Fulham & visited her in the Convent once a month. We would really like to know if she had a happy life. Thank you in anticipation Michelle Ref: 204
  • My mum's birth name is Rose Anne Jarman born 15/04/1937 in Skipton. Please can you advise how I can find help in tracing my mother's half sister who was born in 1944 in Keighley West Yorkshire? Birth Name: Margaret Eveline Jarman D.O.B 8th October 1944 Place: 121 Fell Lane Keighley West Yorkshire Mother's name: Bernadette Jarman - maiden name Cairn(e)s Thanks Margaret Marshall Ref: 203
  • Hello, I'm looking for my brother Brendan Arbuthnot, he was in Nazareth Lodge Belfast from 1945 to 1954. Last known in Birmingham, he drove for Emerald transport. His 4 sisters where in Nazareth house at the same time. It is 56 years since we have heard from him. We would love to know his whereabouts and hopefully someone will get in touch. Kind regards, his sister, Patsy Arbuthnot, Antrim. Ref: 202
  • I am looking for my half brother. My parents have never given me any info whatsoever, and Dad died last year. My father's name Duncan Smith, and my half brother was born in the London area before me. I was born in 1969 so early 60's at a guess. My father did pay maintenance for years so there was never any dispute. It was my Mum who would never allow ANY contact. Thanks Isobel Smith Ref: 201
  • Hello Adel I’m hoping that you can help me I'm looking for my biological father pretty sure his name was Ian Evans and my mum's name was Margaret Evans (Maggie) I was born in 1994 my name is Nicola jade Evans and I know that Ian and my mum first met at all saints hospital my mum has recently passes away and I don't have a lot of information about Ian but I'm hoping to find him and not too sure but think he has a tattoo of Nicola on his chest thank u x Sam Ref: 199
  • I am looking for my brother’s biological father a Canadian soldier based in Leatherhead/Oxshott Surrey area in 1943. We are sure he had family at home in Toronto Canada (possibly 2 daughters). He told mum he had a family wood yard business in Toronto. My brother was born 20/06/1944 so he would have siblings in Canada. I do not want to cause any problem but my brother will be 70 this year and would love to just know a little about his father, even a photo would be lovely as my mum went on to marry but he always had her maiden name, my own dad would never adopt him. Would be icing on cake for him as he knows absolutely nothing about him. I live in hope Kind regards Lena Rollins Ref: 198
  • My name is Helen Johnstone Victor. I am Malaysian, living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. I am looking for biological brother by the name of Jimmy Johnstone whom I guess still staying in England (London). He was born in 31st. October 1969. When he as about 4 years old he was sent the Children Home, Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, SW 8, London. (The Royal Borough Of Kensington And Chelsea). My brief family history are as follow: - My father was with the British royal air force. When he was stationed in Sarawak in 1964, he got married with my mother, Magdalena Rigi, (local girl). I was born in 1965. In 1967, my father transferred back to UK and he brings my mother along but without me. (Due documentation problems) until now. While they in London, my brother Jimmy was born on 31st October 1969.
    In 1973, my parent divorced. Jimmy was left with my mother. But due to financial difficulties my mother is facing, she have no choice but to put Jimmy in the Children Home. He stayed until he was 17 years old. When my mother remarried, she never keeps in touch with him anymore. In 1986 he was adopted by foster parents.
    My mother never got to know his adopted parents and their where about until my mother passed in November 2013 in London. In may 2013, I visited my mother in London and I tried to look for him but I failed.
    All this brief information’s I got it from my mother. I am really eager to meet him or to know his where about. But I am for sure will be unable to meet him because he is having a new name by now. So I am in dilemma.
    That is why I am writing to you for help. I hope to meet him. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Helen Johnstone victor Ref: 197
  • Hi, I’m looking for Donald, Aubrey and Norbert Jackson. Three brothers who I believe came to the UK from Lahore in 1960s. Their parents were Victor and Lily Jackson from Mughalpura Lahore. I believe the brothers to be aged between 65 and 75. I am tracing the family tree and these are my cousins that I would love to hear from. Regards J Webb (nee Jackson) Ref: 196
  • Don’t know if you can help but here goes. I was born on 3/28/1948 I was adopted at the age of 4 months from Nazareth House, Southend-On-Sea. My adopted name is WENDY SHEILA STEBBING, How do I find out my history. One reason is medical; the other is a desire to belong. Can you help?? I live in San Francisco, USA and have 1 beautiful daughter and 2 wonderful grandchildren - life is good but would be complete with a family tree. Ref: 195
  • I'm looking for a man named Raymond Gary Barlow, born in 1966, in Manchester. Mother's maiden name was Newton, and I think her full name was Kathleen Newton, and I think his father's name was Eric Raymond Barlow. If anyone knows this family could you please contact me. Natalie Barron Ref: 194
  • Hi I'm looking for my dad's sister. Her name is Nellie Davis Nee Jackson. She is married to Reg Davis and they had a daughter named Janet who we believe married Robert Crook.
    My dad hasn't heard from Nellie in around 8 years and would love to know how she is. The last he knew she lived in Berkshire Thanks Tracy Little Ref: 193
  • I am trying to locate my stepson's biological father, his name is Dale Young, age late 50's early 60's. His last location was Newport, Isle of Wight. My stepson's name is Tristan Goller and his mother is Catherine. He is almost 18 years old and wants to meet his dad. Hope you can assist. I thank you Lionel Howes Ref: 192
  • I am looking for Catherine Laughlan our fathers were in the army in Hound Stone Camp Yeovil Somerset in 1966 her father was discharged in 1977 they went to 949 Granttham lock road Grantham lock E.3.her fathers name was Harry sister Betty brother John and I think two more siblings. Been looking for years. Beryl Joseph Ref: 191
  • I am trying to locate my cousin but have very few details apart from his old address.
    I live in Australia & unfortunately I don’t know what to do or where to look.
    I have tried numerous searches on the internet & came up with a lot of Christopher Brown’s on the electoral rolls but I cannot confirm their address unless I pay to see each individuals details which would be at a considerable cost & possibly a waste of time as he may be in a nursing home or even passed away by now as he is older than myself. Christopher used to keep in touch with my Mum but unfortunately she passed away last year & she was the only way we kept in touch.
    He lived at the following address for as long as I can remember with his Auntie, Aileen Brown & continued to live there after she passed away I think in the 90’s? His details are as follows: Christopher Brown, 8 Kelfield Court, Kelfield Gardens, Ladbroke Grove W10 Age: unsure (maybe in his 70’s) I really don’t know if or how you can help but I am afraid I don’t know where or who to contact to find out if he is in a nursing home somewhere in London or if he has passed away.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could please give me an idea of what to do or who to contact in order to find out his whereabouts as neither of us are getting any younger & I would so love to find him before it is to late. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, Ian Brown Ref: 190
  • I am helping a very dear friend try and find her sister Susan L K Parrett born 1963 Hackney, London, England. She had a brother Ralph born 1959 in Hackney who she has met, but does not know where his sister is.
    Susan went to "Jaywick School, Essex" and we also have a photo of her in the 1970's at a Care Home, Silver End, Essex.
    The School and Home we have not been able to find. Both these children’s parents have passed on. My friend would love to make contact as she was adopted years ago and lives in New Zealand.
    Any help would be appreciated Thank You Margaret Turner (Friend) Ref: 189
  • Hi Adel, My name is Stephen Bryan I am looking for my birth mother or any family members her name is Kathleen Parker and she was born around 1930 and moved to New Zealand where she had me at the age of 22. I was given up for adoption in the following months to October 1952 I am a New Zealand citizen. Ref: 188
  • Hi my name is Emma-Lea McKay. My biological Father is Mark Hills, lives in St. Agnes Cornwall England
    Mark had another son, named Adam, before I was born with a woman named Hazel somewhere in England southwest. I am looking for my Brother Adam and connect with him. X Ref: 185
  • Hi I’m just wondering if your the right person to email, I have been looking for my half brother for my mum for years (same mum) he was 18-24 months when mum put him up for adoption and he was called don’t know if he is anymore Darren Christopher Hill and now aged between 33 or 34. In Manchester area. Melissa Hill Ref: 184
  • Hi Adel, I am trying to track Sister Gerard who looked after me as a baby (1967- 69), & kept in touch with my mother for a few years after I was adopted. She moved to a Nazareth House Southend on Sea, Essex in approx. 1971. My Mother told me today that she may well still be alive & I would love to meet her, and thank her for being there for me. How would I go about tracing her. Thanks Kate (nee Catherine Hurt) Ref: 183
  • Trying to trace my school friend’s adopted half sister who was born Ann Brett on 12th Jan 1938 in Bath her father was Ronald Smith whose family lived in Bedminster, Bristol.
    Ann, if that was her adopted name managed to trace her mother Vera Florence DASH nee Brett before Vera died but due to the attitude of Vera’s husband was turned away.
    Do not have anymore information other than she may well have been adopted by Ann’s father’s family in Bristol.
    Not sure even if Ann will now still be alive. Phil & Terre Ref: 182
  • Looking for Carol Ann Hayes I’m her biological daughter. My name at birth was Louise Joy Hayes I'm 42 adopted in Clifton Bristol. Ref: 181
  • Hi Adel I'm trying to trace my father who left when I was five years old. I'm now 25 and longing to meet him. His full name on my mothers and his marriage certificate is Richard James Clark. There's nothing I can remember about him as he left when I was so young. I've had no contact at all but he's knows my grandmas address as he used to live there with my mother in barking Essex. His date of birth I believe is 31/05/1958. My full name is Laura Lucinda Clark and I also have a rare blood disorder, which is inherited, from both my parents and he would know about this. I received a letter from him about ten years ago but he didn't leave any contact info, but it Was hallmarks Isle of Wight? I really want to trace him, as I feel empty without knowing him. Please help!!Ref: 180
  • My mother Margaret Miller spent time in Nazareth House Oxford from around 1945. She left there when she was 16. Does anyone remember her or have any information about her? My mother gave me lots of details, but she is now deceased. Thanks Claire Ref: 179
  • Hi Adel my name is Shirley Parker, I’m from Nottingham, and I’m looking for my birth mother named Ethel May Parker. I was adopted and lived in Broxtowe Nottingham with my adopted mum and dad also named Parker. I don’t think they were related to my birth mother unless they didn’t tell me something. Can anyone help? Thanks Ref: 178
  • Hiya I’m trying to find any info on my grandmother or any relatives. Her name was Madeline McCarthy maiden name was Callaghan. Her date of birth was 28 December 1949; she passed away in the year 2000. She had one child (my father) Richard Andrew McCarthy. Her last known place she lived was Luton Bedfordshire. Any help would be grateful thank you Daniielle Ref: 177
  • My Grandfather, Herbert Edward Cannings, was last heard of in 1927. He divorced my Grandmother Phyllis Doris Eileen Cannings in South Africa the same year and believe he may have gone back to the UK. We know that he was born in 1903 in Wimborne in Dorset on October 3rd and that he was a merchant seaman. Apart from that, we have no records of what happened to him or where and when he died? I am keen to know if he remarried and if so, where any relatives may be living now? Not sure if you can help? Kind Regards Charlie Cannings Ref: 176
  • I’m trying to find out about my grandfather, Joseph Denslow. I know very little about him, but his death is recorded at Nazareth House, Isleworth on 28th November 1963. I’d be grateful of any information about him, or on how I might find any records relating to him. Many thanks Debbie Jackman Ref: 175
  • Hi, my name is Donald Morrison. 65 years old, my father was posted in England during the 2nd world war while fighting in France etc. He took leave in England in 1943-45 at various points according to his war records. I am the oldest son here in Ontario Canada I just recently was told by my mother that Dad, Charles Morrison had a child or children in England. I'm sorry that I have been robbed of a possible long and hopefully good relationship with a sibling from my father. My Mother passed away last year, and broke the news to me just a short time before she passed away. My dad passed away in 1989 on, of all days, Mother's day.
    Please, I mean no disrespect to anyone who might be out there; I really would like to meet though, if that's possible. Life is so short.
    If further info is needed from me please, by all means ask. I really want to know. My Mother and step-father, Ben Skull were over to visit a few years back and apparently Dad asked them, unknown to me, to check to see if a person was ok, His family live in Surrey. I don't have any more info than that at present. Still will do more looking as I can find more out. Thanks for any help you might have. Donald K. Morrison Ref: 174
    Hi, and thanks for your response. I have found out that there is supposed to be a sister, the name of "Davis" came up in our conversation, and they were asked to look in a place called Kingston, possibly living at one time with a grandmother. My step-father is not very well with memory now, that's all he can think of. I hope this helps
  • I am looking for cousins Peter & Patricia FitzSimons children of Arthur & Madge FitzSimons.
    In their 70's born Huyton Liverpool UK also Paul Price son of Fred & Tess Price (nee FitzSimons Could be in Stafford or Liverpool UK We came to Australia 1951Grandfather James lived in Ambrose St Liverpool. My father was the youngest living son named Denis lots of descendants here in Australia lots to catch up on. Edith von der Heide Ref: 173
  • I have been looking for my half sister and her people since 1965, before internet access improved name is Beatrice Norrie, my father THOMAS LEOPOLD BARLOW was born 1886, Manchester, ANNIE AMELIA WOOD POOLE, born Manchester 1910, his daughter, and URSULA WILLIAMS, his granddaughter, born about 1937, Manchester. I know they are deceased but hope to find their people. Thanks. Ref: 172
  • I am looking for my long lost friend; his name is Patrick Casey and was from Manchester. His father's name is Frank Casey and Patrick has a son name Sean Casey. Patrick was working in Singapore 30 years ago with Juliana's Sound System as marketing director. I hope you are able to trace him for me he was born in 1949 and the last time he told me he was working for Royal Mails. Anyone who knows him please contact me. Fadi Mansur Shah, Zillion thanks Ref: 171
  • Hi Adel I am looking for Robin and Peter Metcalfe both are in there mid 60 borne London 1945 -6- 7- 8 we were in a home called Beachome Surry I live in OZ and have not seen them from the age of 5. Vic Carr Ref: 168
  • Searching for my birth Mother Shirley Edwards, maiden name Henderson-Tant. She married Geoff Edwards (who was in the army either the Blackwatch or the Seaforth Highlanders) at the time of their marriage in 1951(2). I am her son, Gary Alexander Edwards, born in Hamburg, Germany on 04/06/1953. Shirley was 21 or 22 at the time of the marriage. Geoff and Shirley divorced in 1954. I last saw her during a visit to my Grandmother’s home (Geoff’s Mother Monica Pincott) in Kenilworth in 1960. I believe her family are of Scottish descent and at the time of the marriage I believe her parents were living in Lincoln, UK.
    I now reside in South Africa and would very much like to know what happened to her. Ref: 167
  • Hi Adel, I have been researching my family tree and have always wanted to know more about my grandfather Gilbert Baxter Patterson born 1906
    He left his family about 1946 stating he could no longer afford two families (he left behind 3 children one being my Mum) I have recently sent for his death certificate, which shows his last known address as Garthland House Paisley - he died 1987 I would love to know if he did in fact have any other children or any information about his life after he left my Nana Regards Pamela Hunter Ref: 166
  • I'm hoping you could help me and my family.
    We are looking for a Nellie Rigby nee Brown who disappeared when my cousin was young. My cousin Kathleen Ann Rigby born to Nellie and William is looking for her mother Nellie in hoping to find more relatives as she was given away at a very young age. Any information would be much appreciated. Georgia Cooksley Ref:165
  • My sister was born Margaret Mary Murphy in Nazareth house Cardiff, December 1964. I would love to contact her, can you help??? Michael Condron Ref: 164
  • My mom is trying to get hold of an old friend of hers that was in Nazareth House - Cape Town in the 1950”s
    Her name is Sharon Uren and she had a brother called Monty.
    My mom is Louisa Ferreira now Canosa. If possible please can you ask her to contact me on my email address or to forward her email address to me? Kind regards. Brigida Leitao. Ref: 163
  • Hi, My name is Nick (Dominic) Beever and I am trying to trace my grandfather's history at Medomsley.
    Thomas was born on 6 January 1920 in Durham and lived at Cottage Homes, Lanchester. He attended All Saints Roman Catholic VA Primary School from 13 April 1926 and was "removed" to Medomsley on 31 March 1933. He was married in Sileby Leicester in 1946 and emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. He died 10 years later in 1966.
    I am his grandson and have moved back from New Zealand to Devon, UK and am trying to find out why he was at Cottage Homes in Lanchester and Medomsley and where he went next? Can anyone help with any records at all? It would appear his father was called William but was deceased by 1926 and was a Foreman Quarryman. His mother was Mary. Although we are unsure if he had siblings, it would appear Mary, Martha and Arthur Beever (and sometimes spelled Beaver) all started school in Lanchester at the same time so it would appear he did. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ref: 162
  • My husband’s family are seeking Daniel A. Bulger, born last quarter of 1945, registered in Kent, surrey Mid-Eastern, parents James Gordon Bulger and his wife Mona Caine-Evans. Daniel was Down’s syndrome and taken into a care home at an early age. He was last heard of approximately 1975 when an uncle, who used to remember his birthdays, died. His father died in 1957 and his mother in 1997. I have recently “found” his older brother, age 78. He recalls Daniel’s christening, but was adopted and recalls nothing of him. Any help or suggestions to locate him would be much appreciated by his remaining family. Thank you. Judith Bulger. Ref: 161
  • Please could you help me find the relatives of my mother, Jean Stromeyer, who is 83 years old this year and would dearly love to know of her relatives in England.
    She was born in South West Africa, Swakopmund 1929 and was the only child of her father: Charles Percy Stromeyer 1898 - 1989 he was born in Lancashire, and mother Pauline Stromeyer nee Walker also know as Pauline Best born around 1896 -1943.
    Charles Percy Stomeyer's father was Johann Philip Edmond Charles Stomeyer born 28 April 1856 in Surrey, his mother was Alma Karin Lindsten, her father was H Lindsten of Sweden I think. Johan Stomeyer published a book in 1911 called 'Unity in Nature, an analogy between music and life", he also published other works.
    My mother recalls her mother talking about her brother Frank Walker who was in the Black Watch. As far as my mother knows Pauline Walker Best was a florist and at one time was a governess to the Bowes Lyons, her parents both died possibly in a car accident and she was brought up by her Aunt. Thank you Pauline Dorfelt Ref: 160
  • My name is Audrey Titus and I am looking for my grandfather who was a Rhodesian Soldier and I believe he was called Jacob Titus. He worked at Dabuka Station in Lower Gweru Rhodesia. He left before Zimbabwe was liberated and returned to Britain. Ref: 159
  • My brother was born 18 August 1950 at Craigtown maternity hospital, St. Andrews and named James. He was adopted out from Nazareth House, Lasswade, Midlothian in October & the adoption was finalised in May 1951. My mother is now 88 & would dearly love to hear from her son. Margot McAllister Ref: 158
  • Hi I am looking for my lost sister born Ann Crehan 1951 in London, Gave up for adoption at two weeks old, Final court order was May 1952. 61 years have passed us by, I will never give up hope of finding you, Now Known as Janet (Jan), and I Believe lives in Cumbria Area and has daughters. Anyone who may have any info please relate or let her know she is never going to be alone in heart. Love Jim O'Brien, Thanks for reading this. Always Hope. Ref: 157
  • My name is Madeleine Riha. I am looking for information about Betty Mills who may have been born between 1921 and 1926 somewhere in England. I am researching my family tree and believe she was engaged to my Uncle Achille (Archie) Orieux from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was in the Canadian Army during World War 11 and died in France in 1944. I have many pictures of her. If anyone knows of her, please let me know. Thanks. Ref: 156
  • I am trying to find my 2 half brothers, Alan born 1955 Luton Beds, Kevin born 1958 Meriden Warwickshire. We have the same mother, their surnames are Lee. Many thanks Karen Lloyd Ref: 155
  • I am looking for my friend Angela who was born in Liverpool in 1954. Her mum Mary Francis Radczynski passed away early December 2003 in Liverpool, Merseyside. I am unsure whether her mum Mary was in a home in Liverpool but I'm suspecting that she was. Is there any way I can find out which home she was in? Angela was an only child so I am assuming on some records somewhere her "married" name should be recorded. I've searched for Angela everywhere but without knowing her surname it's almost impossible. Angela had a daughter Michelle born in South Africa in about 1972/73. At that time Angela and Michelle's name was Durand. Let me know if you can help. Marion Marburger Ref:154
  • I am trying to find any Robinsons who remember my Grandparents Mary Jane and Edward Thomas. They used to live at 66 Stowell St Salford Lancs.They had three children Lily, Annie and Stanley. I am Lily’s daughter and would love to know about my Grandfather. Hope someone can help me I live in Australia but spent most of my childhood in Stowell St. Thanks Patricia Barker Nee Hodgson Ref: 153
  • Hello I am looking for Dorothy Ramsden who had her son adopted his name was Anthony Ramsden born 16/3/1958. He was born at Withington hospital in Manchester. Dorothy worked in a grocers shop at fountain street Manchester, where she also lived ...thanks Linda Gardiner Ref: 152
  • Hello I am trying to find an Uncle who was adopted in 1946 by my grandparents Katherine Hazel Denyer (knowles) and Edward Ernest Denyer, I have tried searching but keep failing can you help? Gillian Elliott Ref: 151
  • I am trying to contact my birth family. I was born on the 16th August 1958
    My name at the time of christening was Yvonne Jane Wright. My mother’s name at that time was Maureen Bennett. I believe my birth father died at a very your age with a brain tumor. I am trying desperately to contact any member of his family. His name as I believe was Norbert Clarke (nick name NOBBY).
    I really don’t have much information at all. I know he came from Lancashire, I believe it was somewhere near Lytham St Anne’s. I come from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. Any information would be great. Yvonne Ref: 150
  • I was wondering if you could help me, I am searching for any information on my Great Granddad, Archibald (known as Archie) Harold Reader, born in July 1904. I know he would more than likely have died now, but I would like to know if any person knew of him and what happened to him. The last time he was seen was just before WW2 when he walked out on his wife and 2 children. His children are still alive, and one of them is my grandparent, they would love to know what happened to their dad, whilst they are still alive. If you could help, or know anyone that could help me that would be greatly appreciated. Regards Nicola Smith. Ref: 149
  • My name is Moses from Nigeria. I am looking for my lost dad and family. He is graduate of 1968 Surrey Battersea University name Dauda Kabura Garkida, stayed and married in London with two children- Jonathan and Hyelni. Kindly give information of him Ref: 148
  • Hi I’m looking for my biological father. I was born on 25th June 1956 in Birmingham Yardley Wood. I believe my fathers name is Charles Rogers, or Rodgers; he was 18 at the time. My name is Ceri (Kennedy) and my mother is Janet Kennedy Ref: 147
  • My name is Suzanne and I am the eldest daughter of Mervyn and Dorothy King of Lahore Pakistan. My father's sister Margaret (Peggy) Hall and I think her husband was Leslie Hall or Gerry Hall and was last known of in London and was in touch till 1969 when my family moved back to Pakistan. My father also had a younger brother Basil King who died many years ago. My grand parents names were Denzil and Louisa King and my father and his siblings were born in Lahore India (before partition in 1947). My aunt Peggy had 9 children and I do remember some of my cousin's names Diane, Daisy, Gerry and they were at least 15-20 years older than myself. My father died in 1990 and it was his dying wish that I try and find his sister or some of my family. My father also had two sons from his previous marriage to Doreen Reese named Desmond and Carl. My father's sister in law from his previous marriage was named Queenie Reese or Reves and she was married to an Italian Peno. Please help me locate my lost family. Suzanne Isaacs nee King Ref: 146
  • I am looking on behalf of my sons father who is now deceased, his adopted name was Simon Anthony Wolstencroft, I think his real name was Anthony Ramsden, who was born Manchester and adopted in Manchester then moved to Plymouth Devon, his adopted father was called Stanley, looking for any of his birth relative i.e. mother father. Thanks Linda Gardiner Ref: 145
  • Hello, I am looking for my grandfather’s sister. Her name is Annemarie Prior and she was born in 1935 in Haldensleben/Germany as Annemarie Eggert. She was married to Tony Prior and lived in Reading, Berkshire. She as two sons, Gerald and Raymond and a daughter called Diane. Her mothers name was Gertrud Eggert, later Beck. We have not got a "life sign" for a long time, it might be that she moved as someone else is answering the phone, letters get lost... Maybe someone can help; her brothers Walter Eggert and Klaus Beck are missing her. Thank you. Ref: 144
  • I am looking for my brother I last seen in 1971 I was only 13 years old my parents and I came to Australia his name is Michael Treadgold he would be in his 80s now my parents names were Fredrick and Mary Treadgold he had three brothers and two sisters Eddie, Robert, Frances, Marion, Steven we lived in west Ewell Epsom Surrey he maybe living in the north or around London if anyone knows his where about please contact me, Steven Treadgold Ref: 143
  • Joyce Smith was my pen-friend which we initiated back in1955. Joyce was then 15 years of age lived with her father, a veteran of RAF, at 14, North View, New Castle upon Tyne, UK. She was at school. She also had a sister called Barbara aged 22 when got married in 1963. Joyce was at 14, North View till 1967. According to the aerial view residential area still exists and that particular 14, North View is now owned by a 35 year gentleman. I have been looking for her over the past 19 years with devastating failure. I would dearly love to have any confirmation that she is alive and well. And I want to tell that I made a colossal blunder for which I beg her forgiveness. Thanking you. Afzal. Ref: 142
  • After many years of searching, I have been able to trace one of my sisters 58 years after we were separated during WW2. We were placed in the North Middlesex Children’s Home. Can anyone please tell me where this home was and any other details concerning the home. Also, I would like to see if I can find what happened to my mother Susannah Maud Geen (Usher/Lucas/Jowsey) between 1945 and 1996),. I now know that she probably lived in the Islington area. If anyone has any knowledge of her life during those intervening years, I would be very grateful. Thank you. Beth Neilly .Ref: 141
  • I have been searching for 15-20 years for my Mom's cousins. My grandmother came to Canada in 1909 as a Barnardo child, Rose Newland daughter of George Newland and Elizabeth Newman. George passed in1908. Three sisters and the Mother stayed in England. Elizabeth Newland born approx. 1888 Kensington, Eliza Newland born approx. 1890 Kensington, Alice Mary Newland born approx. 1904 Acton. Elizabeth (the Mother) remarried in 1915 to Harry Edwards and we think we have a match for the youngest daughter Alice to Robert Baden Parker Dec. 1925.The children of these girls would be my Mom's first cousins and we have searched and ordered certificates and cannot locate any of them. Mom is now 77 so I am getting desperate....... would love to find this lost family. Paula White Ref: 140
  • My name is Maria and my dad (James McCollum) was placed in Nazareth House, Londonderry around 1945-1952 and I would dearly love to hear from anyone who may remember him or just to share memories of what it was like. My dad's mother has never made contact (Agnes) but if anyone knows anything we would love to hear from them Ref: 139
  • My name is Irene and I am looking for my father called Alfred Norman Lewis. Mum have just recently told me his name. He was in the army based in the Cook Islands, (Rarotonga). I was born in July 1959. My mothers name is Taui Samatua. This is all I know, can you please help Ref: 138
  • I was born 12 December 1949 at Totnes Hospital and my birth mother was Margaret Elizabeth Jennings. My name is Richard Farrow and I live in New Zealand. Would love to hear of any links with Margaret or her family. I believe she came from a farming family in Ireland. Thanks Adel for the opportunity to ask this special question. Does anyone have any information to assist my search? Kind Regards Richard Ref: 137
  • I wondered if anyone knows my husbands half brother his name is John Nicholson he was born at a mother and baby home in Preston in august 1950 his mothers name was Hazel Veranque kathleen Nicholson she worked at the maternity home Preston. Kay Nicholson Ref: 136
  • I’m not sure if this is the right place to be looking, but I have to try before it’s too late, it may already be. I would like to trace my birth mother. All I know is that I was adopted by Mr and Mrs Searle from Nazareth House in Southampton. My birthday is 10/05/64. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks. Mr A Searle. Ref: 135
  • I am looking for information about a brother I have only just found out about, well Eddie Mc Donald was brought up in care at Nazareth house he was there from 12-1-1948 until 22-4-1953 and was then sent to a special school called Stonecross in Ulverston I would like to find someone who might have known Eddie and to hear about his life at Nazareth house and if anybody has any photos off the boys from 1948 to 1953 I would be most grateful as I only found out about Eddie once he had passed away and it came as a great shock to me as my mother had not told me about Eddie I was heartbroken that she had not told me as we were so close and Eddie could been a part of our family I hope someone out there can help me thank you Maureen Veido Ref: 134
  • Lost family members Looking for descendants of William Thomas Knight Mothers name Alice Durrell (Maiden name) father William Thomas Knight Lived in Dover Street, Southsea Hampshire. Moved to NZ when 14 or 16. Had sisters, Emily, Kathleen, and 2 others (names unknown) Ginny Knight-Williams Ref: 133
  • I am trying to trace anyone who was at Nazareth House Finchley or Isleworth between 1929 and 1940. My mother Hedwig Laub spent her childhood there. ED Ref: 132
  • I am trying to find out in what institution my mother was put in when she was a few days old. She was born out of wed-lock and put in some place and was adopted when she was 2. The documents of adoption mention she was adopted in Hove so I presume she was brought up around that area in an orphanage home for girls. She was born Caryl GILLILAND. Best regards, Ann Marie Bouloux Leroy Ref: 131
  • We are looking for information about care homes in south Wales between 1954 and 1960. We were a family put into care somewhere between those dates. Our names are Heather, Gwyneth and Trefor Heron. Ages would have been approximate Gwynth 9, Heather 4 and Trefor 5. We believe we were all in the same home. We came back to Norwich roughly 1960. It is possible we were in a convent. Nazareth House has been a possibility but we thought it was in or around Tredegar. If anybody has any information that may help it would be greatly appreciated as this was a time in our lives that is a blank. Ref: 130
  • Looking for my Uncle - Kenneth Alan Smith born 1943 in Greymouth New Zealand - no one has heard from him since 1970 he could be anywhere in the world? Niece - Sue Smith Ref: 129
  • My name is Patricia Grant (nee Watson) I am looking for my step sister Helen Fletcher who was born in Radcliffe in November 1958.I have two sisters Vivian and Janet and a brother Vic. We moved to New Zealand with my Parents and have lost contact with Helen. Can anyone help and locate her for me. All I know is her last address was in Clifton Estate Nottingham. Thanks Pat Ref: 128
  • Looking for past family history of my father Harold Sippam, born 1913 died 1965 of London his mother born around 1891 I was told years ago of a lot of relatives in the white city London I would like to make contact to find out my family history can you help Paul Bailey Ref: 127
  • Hi we as grandparents of Adam Barwell would like to trace him he was born in Wallington Surrey on the 14th Nov 1988 he has a brother named Carl and another David and sister Katie who would also like to get in contact Mr and Mrs Coppard Ref: 126
  • searching for my grandfather missing at U.K. since 1980
    Searching for my grandfather missing at U.K. since 1980. My grandfather GANESH CHANDRA CHATTERJEE 'JOE' is not in touch with us from 1980. His last given address was 50, Windermere House, Summerwood Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, U.K. We are regularly searching him but we have no clue. If someone had any clue please help us. Abhishek bhattacharya. Varanasi, u.p., India my contact no 00910542 6537397, mob. No 09839482361, please add India’s phone code Ref: 125
  • Looking for information about Warkworth House
    My mother was born at Warkworth House, Isleworth in 1920 and at the age of 91 is still anxious to trace any information regarding the place. She was fostered then adopted. She knew her mother who came to visit her at her new home until she was 16 when my mother rejected her and latter regretted that very much as they lost contact. Patricia Theodorou Ref: 124
  • Hello, Looking for my half sister Her name is Dorrian Eugene Hughes born possibly in 1966 in Warwickshire U.K My info: Katrina Russell Ref: 123
  • I am looking for my mother’s first born child, my mother’s name was back then SHARON MORTON, NOW KNOWN AS THOMAS, she reluctantly handed him over to a very nice family, there surname is SCOTT.I believe to be in between the years of mother named her son timothy and the SCOTT;S agreed to keep it, whether they did or not were unsure?, but mum was able to carry on seeing timothy right up to he was 18 months old, as to why the access ceased we are unsure?.My mother at this time lived in Orpington Kent OR Hastings. Please anyone with information regarding this come forward as my mothers, your mothers, very unwell, plus you have 3 sisters and 1 brother who have been waiting to meet you for such a long time. Thank you. Ref: 122
  • We are looking for our father who relocated back to England in June 2010. His name is Colin John Roger Mills. Can you please help? With kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen Kevin Mills Postal Address: BASF Holdings South Africa Pty. Ltd., AB -, 6061 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Ref: 121
  • The Alexandra Nursing Home & Alexandra Children's Home Devonport 1934
    I am looking for any remaining records of the above. I was born in the Alexandra Nursing Home on the 13th March 1934 and sent for adoption. I was eventually adopted in July 1938 from the National Children’s Adoption Assoc: 71 Knightsbridge London SW1 Tel: Sloane 7231-32 and have no idea where I was during the period 1934 to 1938, so I am trying to fill in this gap in my life .My name prior to adoption was David ROGERS. My mother’s name was Winifred May ROGERS father Jack ROGERS of Torpoint Cornwall, now both deceased as are my adopted parents. ''CAN YOU HELP OR ADVICE'' Regards Dave Jones. Ref: 120
  • I am looking for the any information on Benjamin Bushell. He was born about 1770 at Thanet, Kent, UK. His wife Ann Sage was born about 1766. They had 2 children William D.O.B 25/10/1786 and Benjamin D.O.B December 1787 I cannot find any info' regarding Benjamin and Ann's ancestors. Kind regards, John Bushell. Ref: 119
  • My name is Nicola-Anne Pengelly I am trying to trace my father his name is Edward Franklyn chambers his last address is Farnbourgh Hants, if any one knew him I would love to hear about him. Ref: 118
  • I’m looking for my half brother Adam Cole. Our father is a man named Anthony Harris (was Spooner). He was born in Croydon I believe and his date of birth should be 10th or 11th January 1979. My name is Charlotte Harris and I am 2 yrs. older than Adam. I know that Adam’s family name is Harris/ Cole and I believe they had/ have Construction Company in Hackney/London area. I have been told that Adam could have been/ still be in the Brighton area. I believe his mother’s side of the family are Jewish. I believe my father lived with his mother in Headcorn Kent before they split up. Hoping that someone may be able to give me some information that may lead me to find him. Ref: 117
  • I am seeking the whereabouts of a long lost uncle, Reginald Jones, who was a resident at Nazareth House, Cardiff. He moved to Cardiff from Abergavenny after his wife Monica died some years ago. I did meet him once in Cardiff near The Hayes but have been unable to trace him since. Thanks for any help. Denis Barry. Ref: 116
  • I am looking for anyone who was in the Medomsley children’s Cottage Homes around 1936 to 1946. Are the Cottage homes still there?
    My name is Florence Gibbons (Flossie in those days) My sister Betty, Joan, my brothers Bob and Bill were all housed there at that time.
    I am going to England (from Canada) in April and would love to go and see the grounds where I grew up. Ref: 115
  • My birth name is David Cleary born Colchester maternity hospital Feb 17th 1950 my mother on my birth certificate is Sheila Cleary hotel waitress of 87 East Hill Colchester my birth certificate number is DG 097672 Entry number767. I was sent straight to my foster parents from birth my mother would be about 75 years old if she is still alive, since my foster parents have passed away I have been trying to locate her or of course any birth relatives. Regards now Mick Vivian. Ref: 114
  • Sidney Billing
    The above mentioned gentleman died at Portelet Lodge Care Home, 42 Westby Road, Bournemouth Dorset on or around 20 December 1989. Sidney left Lancashire in the early 1930s in order to look for work in the south of England. He left behind a wife and baby daughter (now aged 80) and was never seen again. As Sidney was my grandfather, I am very keen to understand what he was doing during the 50 odd missing years. Anyone with information whatsoever would be well received. Paul Moss. Ref: 113
  • My name is Joseph Michael Mannion & I'm searching for my late dad's family. My dad's name was Joseph Patrick Mannion born on the 29th of November 1932 & he died on the 17th of April 1984 in Zimbabwe and was buried in Liverpool. His dad's name was Joseph Cornelius Mannion & the mum was Mary Winifred Mannion formerly Swulin. Their home address was 3 Deverell road UD. Ref: 112
  • Maybe you could help, I am looking for my aunt, ELSIE WOOLEY, 44 the Hollies, Brampton, Newcastle nr Staffs... last heard from some months ago, her son, my cousin IAN WOOLEY, has not responded to any post from her flat, tried so hard phoning hospitals etc, have two other cousins also looking for her, Sheila and Doreen, really worried, don’t know where else to look. Please advise how to help. Many thanks Stephi. Ref: 111
  • Looking for birth family. My name is Leanne Louise Leadbitter and I am 24 years of age I was born in Greenwich London in 1986 (27.02.86) my birth mother was called Donna Leadbitter she was born in 1968 (14.06.68) but she married a man called Ronald Norrie and went on to have my brother Mark 1987 (30.11.87) my mother went on to have my sister Danielle Louise Jackson 1992 (17.08.92) I and my brother was took off her in 1993 and went to a foster family in Gateshead Leam Lane but later that year my brother Mark went back with his dad Ronald Norrie and I went on to be adopted that year and in 1994 my birth mum went on to have my 2nd brother John Anthony Jackson on the (26.02.94). Ref: 110
  • I am a TV development producer currently exploring the world of people who have lost siblings for a possible documentary. I am hoping to meet people who might be looking for sibling(s) they have lost through divorce/remarriage, being in care or adopted.
    A ruling in the appeal court recently allowed for a child of a first marriage to contact her younger siblings from her father’s second marriage- the argument being that the girl in her 20’s was entitled to ‘a wider family’ and that her siblings had the right to know of her existence. I am hoping to explore the issues around this. If you would like to talk to me about your search, and the obstacles you have met, I would be very grateful. Just chatting on the phone would not mean a commitment to anything further, but, would be helpful for research. Please call me at any time between 9-6.30 Mon-Fri Anne Buckland Development producer Tel: 0141 332 0319
  • A friend of mine Mary Hawkins who is 80 years old and lives in Staffordshire now is looking for relatives from the Kent area, the only info she can recall are Biddy and she used to live at 17 crescent gardens Bromley Kent Uk. Maggie Shot 45 Midfield Close, St Mary Cray Kent, Danny Atkinson he used to live in Eltham and was a plumber. I would also like to contact anyone who was in Knowle hill reform school for girl in Kenilworth Warwickshire I did not do anything wrong they sent you there for running away back then, it is shut down now I know, I was best friends with Kathy Macauloch in the seventies my name then was Janet Wood, I am also looking for any relatives who are called Wood, Ellis, Hart, Lowe my parents were Doreena and Roy Wood my mum’s maiden name was Lowe, her mum was Alice Lowe, hart, Ellis hope this helps. Ref: 109
  • I’m looking for a Trevor Heath born 1944 Isleworth. He was in the Merchant Navy in 1963. Can you help? Janine Cook. Ref: 108
  • I am desperate to find anyone who was living at Nazareth House orphanage, Isleworth between 1928 and 1940. My mum Hetty (Hedwig) spent her childhood there. Ref: 107
  • Margaret Durden was born 1885 in Northampton to her parents Joseph and Honora. Honora was Irish Catholic. After her fathers death Margaret was put in Northampton workhouse and then went into service. She died in Nazareth House care home in Northampton in 1970, I would love to know if anyone remembers her. She never married. Rebekah Markham. Ref: 106
  • My name is Giuliano-Mario Renghi, Italian from Florence. I am looking for a family where I used to stay in 1972. Their names are: Mr Ian Williams and Mrs Brenda Williams. They had four children. They lived in Westbury-on-Trym, near Bristol. The last time I saw them it was in 1978. I would be extremely happy to get in touch with them. Anybody can help me? Ref: 105
  • Hi I am looking for a man who was born in Torquay hospital 12/09/1975, later adopted through Nazareth house his name was Antony Martin obviously this has been changed, his adopted mum was Irish, that’s all I can remember can you help me. Ref: 104
  • Trying to locate my brother OLIVER JOHN WATTS and his 4 children CHRISTIAN, DAMIAM, ALYSON and LAURA. Have not seen my brother for 29 years. Last known whereabouts was the Croydon - Surrey area.If anybody knows anything about any of them, even if it is bad news, please contact me via my email address. Freda J Holding. Ref: 103
  • Hi There, I am looking for my father Horace Martin, I last saw him when I was around 11 years old, and we were living in Kilburn at the time. My mother’s name was Rose Carol Sexton; there were 5 children, Roger, Ray, Richard, John and Barbara. Hoping that someone may have some information about him. Thank you. Ray Martin Sales Manager. Ref: 102
  • Hello Adel, I am looking for a close friend’s sister who lost contact when they were children, her name would have been Lorraine Sandra Littlefear. As a child had very bad memories, and where they lived 27 Ronwell Close, London Bow E3 apparently in a flat they lived with Mr Joseph Tucker. Her sister has asked me to help and place the family together and is desperate to contact her sister so badly.If there is someone with this birth name above then please get in touch urgently by this e-mail address so it will put a lovely person in touch again with her sister. Regards Dave & Samantha Hills. Ref: 101
  • Hi Adel, I am trying to trace Eunice Oliver nee Williams my aunty who I lost touch with in 2002 following the death of my uncle in February that year.
    She moved from the Rhondda valley south Wales where she had lived all of her life. She had family in Nottingham, Coventry & Leicester and I believe she may have moved to one of these areas. Regards Jeni Gough. Ref: 100
  • Hi Adel, I’m trying to do a family tree and my Grandmother (Elsie Hamilton) was placed in Nazareth house in 1905 I know they were known by numbers and she was number 176 her sister was number 96 and she had another sister named Annie number 100 and another sister Bridget who was sent to reform school. She has a sister named Winnie and 2 brothers one named Will but they were not at Nazareth house. I’m looking for any info at all especially where my grandmother was born and her parent’s names.Thanks very much
    Angela Gray. Ref: 99
  • My name is Elizabeth Woodruffe, I am trying to find out about our time spent at Nazareth house My sister’s Margaret, Patricia and myself were placed in Nazareth House in 1948 till 1965, my sister Margaret passed away as a baby and we have never been able to find out from my mother why we were placed in the home or what happened to our dear sister Margaret. I am also looking for some school photo’s of the time we spent there. Ref: 98
  • My name is Susan McBeathI am desperately looking for my father, unfortunately my mum is not very forthcoming with the information I need. The only information I have is he was at Glencorse Barracks in late June/July 1977 he may be Irish and in his 20's at that time. I know that he sent letters to my mother wanting to be in my life but my grand-parents threw them away. I was born in Edinburgh in March 1978 and my mother’s name is Margaret Innes. Can you help? Ref: 97
  • Dear Adel, My grandmother Annie McGuire, came over from Waterford, Ireland sometime after 1901 with three younger siblings. Patrick born 7.2.1891, bap. 9.7.1891, James born 7.7.1893, bap. 9.7.1893 and Mary (Mollie) born 9.7.1895, bap.14.7.1895. All baptised at the Cathedral of the Most High Trinity, Waterford. Annie found a job at the Corporation Hotel, Canton she was able to 'live in' and was able to take her brother with her. I do not know which one went with her. The other two children were taken into care. Mary was supposed to have gone to Nazareth House, Column Rd, Cardiff. As there were only girls there, the brother had to go elsewhere, apparently to Swansea? As they were Roman Catholic I would think he would have gone to a RC home. Annie married George Melvin in Cardiff Register Office on 27.06.1905. I would like to find out where the children spent their childhood. Mary married William Meade in St David's Cathedral, Cardiff 19.12.1925. I have tried Nazareth House without success. James was killed by a horse driven tram on Westminster Bridge, London on 23.10.1929. I have been told that Patrick may have lived in the Cardiff Docks area as an adult, but it is all hearsay and I have no proof. Would be glad of any advise . Hilary Rollason. Ref: 96

    Since contacting you I have been given the death dates for Patrick and Mary Mead so sent for the certificates. Patrick's last known address was 56 Manor St. Heath, Cardiff so I don't think he ever moved from Cardiff, he died 22nd October 1958 in Sully Hospital, Barry. His sister Mary Mead died 10th February 1945 30A Cowbridge Road, Cardiff. Her husband was the informant of death and they lived at 81 Ferry Rd, Cardiff. What I want to find out is where Patrick and Mary lived from the time they came to Cardiff circa 1901 (can't find them on census) until they died. Especially which Care Homes. I would be grateful if you could add my name to the 'HELP' list
  • Hi Adel I'm trying to find my sister Fay Henderson. She was adopted when young,we are two of 7 siblings. We have all found each other,Fay is the missing link,she would be 56 now,possibly married. My name is Freda Henderson,I live in Queensland Australia. If anyone knows her or Fay if you're reading this my email is Ref: 95 We all used to live around Uxbridge Middlesex
  • Hi I am looking for my half brother or his children. His name is Brian Scott and I understand he has 2 children. He lives in London and his real mother was named Phyliss and he was married to a woman named Barbara but I understand that they got divorced recently. He is about 58 years old. He had step parents Phyliss & Roy. Ref: 94
  • I am looking for my Grandfathers Step Brother, His name is Joseph Shaw his father was William Shaw, Born between 1935- 1940. My grandfathers name is Kenneth Shaw born in Barton, lancashire in 1935. Joseph was sent to live in an orphanage, and my grandfather lost contact many years ago. My grandfather lived with his uncle Fred. Please can anyone give me any information.. i am finding it very difficult finding any info as i am in Australia. Please contact me. Ref: 93
  • Hi Adel, as a young child in the early 1950's I was placed in a children's home in Middle Warberry Rd. Torquay. it was called Villa Languard and I believe it closed in the 1970's. I am trying to piece together my early life and would love to hear from anyone who may have stayed there or has information about this place. Rob Blackwell (Bristol). Ref: 92
  • Dear Adel, I believe my grandmother and her two children were residents in Nazareth House Cardiff in 1911. I have found reference to Beatrice and her daughter Helena in the records of St David’s cathedral. But under the names of Beatrice (Karlsson) Swedish people often anglicised the sir names. I have also found their names in the 1911 census stating that they were in an institution.

    INSTITUTION CARLSON BEATRICE 1880 31 Cardiff Glamorganshire
    INSTITUTION CARLSON HELENA F 1905 6 Cardiff Glamorganshire
    INSTITUTION CARLSON HANNAH F 1908 3 Cardiff Glamorganshire

    Please would you let me know or tell me how I can find out if these are indeed my family members? Beatrice was with a man called John Carlson who I know as my grandfather, but I can't find any record of a marriage.
    John was killed in Dec 1917 when his merchant vessel was sunk by a torpedo from a German submarine.
    HOUSEHOLD CARLSON JOHN M 1875 36 Cardiff Glamorganshire
    Thank you for any help you may be able to offer Bob Carlson. Ref: 91
  • My brother and I are looking for our sister, born Caroline Nimmo, Edinburgh, 5th Sept 1965. She was adopted and will therefore have changed her name. I believe she was in the Dundee area Regards Gordon Nimmo. Ref: 90
  • I am looking for May Bell born 1928 in Edinburgh. May was married to Stephen Davanna and John Lees both in Edinburgh between 1947 and 1952. She was divorced from these two men. She disappeared in the 1950's from Edinburgh leaving family behind. She was divorced from John 1966, but no address given for her. She could be possibly in England somewhere. She will probably be someone’s wife, mum, aunt or your neighbour. if you know May or what happened to her, please get in touch, being searching for about 20 years now and still can’t find her, thanks. Sandra Arnott. Ref: 89
  • Dear Adel, Phillip O Callaghan Bexhill-on-Sea.
    We are seeking information in order to contact the above person, as far as we are aware he was at Nazareth House, Bexhill-on-Sea from approx 1950 to 1963, we know he was born in 1949 in Paddington, London. Phillip is our Brother and we would appreciate it if anyone can give us some information as to what happened to him. Many thanks Lizzie and Maureen O’Callaghan. Ref: 88
  • My great gran was Ester Primrose Nuttal and she came to South West Africa after leaving UK. She ran a boarding house there. She married and she had twin girls who she had to give up in order to get divorced. Does anyone remember her? My mother is Moira Ann James (nee Poole) Regards Melanie James. Ref: 87
  • I am looking for my friend Alice Collins (known as Val)I lost contact with her some years back and have heard that she died 3 or 4 years ago. She lived at 12 June Close, Coulsdon, Surrey. She had 3 children, her birth son Graham, adopted daughter Loraine, and another son but can’t remember his name, I can’t believe she died, her son did not contact me if this was the case I feel she is alive somewhere, please can you help Judy Davis. Ref: 86
  • Dear Adel, I have just turned 40 and found out by accident that I have a sister who was adopted in 1965 in the Leeds Bradford area. She was born in the York area on 5th/7th October 1964,I believe, her name at birth was Karen Elliott mother's name Margaret Elliott father Michael Thirlway, I am desperate to find her. Thank you! Kevin Thirlway. Ref: 85
  • RE: The reception centre. Brindle road, Bamber Bridge. Nr Preston. (1950s)
    Hello Adel, My brother and I are seeking information about the time we spent in the above home, circa 1950. We wonder if anyone else may remember being there, or remember us; staff; photos; day to day running of the home; their own experiences of their time in the home; anything. Thank you in anticipation.Kevin and Philip McNulty. Ref: 84
  • Since my parents died in 1990 I have lost touch with the rest of my relations. My parents were Duncan and Cathy Weir from Rothesay. I am trying to find my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Marion whistler cousins Anne, Sandra, Rachael, Steven, Michael and Robert whistler. Also Wendy and Colin weir and Malcolm and Andrew weir been trying for years without success hope you can help thank you Carol Meldrum. Ref: 83
  • Hello, I'm looking for my birth mother in the United Kingdom. Her name is Caroline Margaret Pearl Ismail although I'm sure the Surname is not the same anymore. She has 2 other children that were younger than me named Leon and Tina. I know she was married to a Godfrey and live within London in the past 4 years or so. My name is Tarik Maged Mostafa Ismail. Ref: 82
  • Hi Adel, I believe my birth mother is looking for me, I was Elizabeth Kuchar. Could you pass on my e mail to establish some contact please. Thank you. Ref: 81
  • Hello Adel, My grandmother has asked me to have a look online for any traces of her father. His name was George Anthony Hitt and he was an electrician. My Nan lost contact after he had left her mother when she was a 1 year old. It is known that Hamstead, London is where my Nan was born and we have estimated at George being born at around 1900-1910. Any information about him would be really great. Liam Goodley.Ref: 80
  • Hi, my name is Mark and I have decided to do some research on my family tree, my father Edgar Charles Robinson was one of 12 children, he has sadly passed away now. I am looking for information on a Nazareth Children’s home in Torquay where he was placed when his mother died back in 1948. Any information would be very much appreciated. Many thanks. Ref: 79
  • My mother was sent to a place in Wales called the nutshell when she was about 7 years old. I have tried to find about this place but have no information. Would appreciate any info. It was probably about 1935. Anita Doctor. Ref: 78
  • Dear Adel. I am looking for Allan john Clarke born 1936/37 in Rochrord hospital Essex also Brenda Clarke d o b unknown, mothers name Cisie rose Clarke of north rd Westcliff Essex, I was born Paul Fredrick Clarke 5/6/1945, I was adopted in 1950 to the sheen family who ran a greengrocers in London rd Westcliff Essex I have found our mother who is 92 but her memory is a bit thin any help with N O K would be most helpful as time is against me you can contact me. Kind regards Paul sheen. Ref: 77
  • Hi Adel - My sister and I have always wondered if we have any half siblings. Our father wasn't the most faithful of men to our mum and it's quite possible that we may have a secret half sibling. Unfortunately we are at a dead end to start with as both our parents are deceased and there are no other relations to ask. My sister, who is older, is certain that our dad was having an affair with a barmaid who worked at the Good Samaritan pub in Ramsbottom Lancashire during the 1980's as she once caught them together being intimate, but she (the barmaid) could be just the 'tip of the iceberg'. Our fathers name is James Copeland b.1937 d.1999 and we lived at Beechacre, Ramsbottom from 1977 - 1988. I know it's a real long shot and we both wish we had tackled this issue years ago. If anyone has any leads, remembers our father or has any good tips we would be most grateful. Please email me. Many thanks Emma Copeland. Ref: 76
  • I found your site while looking for Nazareth House, Cardonald, where my mother and her three sisters(McAlonan) spent about eight years from 1916. Maybe there is someone who can help with this query:
    My third great-grandmother was Hannah Boyle, married to John Bryceland. I went to the site for "Boyle" and entered this information. A gentleman answered, mentioning that he was a Bryceland, and lived in East Lothian. Then I remembered that Susan Boyle said she lived in West Lothian. Wouldn't it be something if we turned out to be distant cousins? Ref: 75
  • Hi Adel, I am looking for my father’s family in the U K and have verylittle information, but what I can tell you is this.
    My father’s name was William Hunt and was born in Hull, Yorkshire and he meet my mother when she went to England on a holiday and while there they got married whereupon the settled in South Africa.
    We did move to England when I was small and he died there when I was 12, then my mother had him exhumed and bought his body back to South Africa and we were not allowed any contact with them from that time on as my mother did not get on with them. The information I have is the following.
    My Grandfather was Thomas William Hunt and my Grandmother was Alice Beatrice (Garnett or Barnett) Challace and they had 10 children as far as I know, my father I think was the eldest, but there could be an elder son.
    My father was in the Merchant navy during the Second World War.
    My mother’s name was Catherine Virginia Rutherford and she was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and my parents had four children.I remember that my Garand parents lived in Harrow near a park and I can remember they stayed across the road from a lawned grass aria. I think my Grandparents died sometime in 1985 but am not sure about that.
    I want to thank you for your help and ask anyone who can help me to contact me. Ref: 74
  • I am looking for twins possibly boys?? Born about 1939/40 there mothers name was Eileen Phyllislee who were possibly placed in Nazareth House, they might have possibly been stillborn, can you help? Sandra Arnott. Ref: 73
  • Hi there. Having obtained my original birth certificate I have discovered that I was born in Warkworth House Isleworth Middlesex on February 9th 1929 and put up for adoption later that year. My birth Mother was Mrs Edith Cooke whose home address before entering Warkworth House was 64 Stanley Rd Acton and it was said that she had a Son. I would dearly like to find out where she went after leaving Warkworth House. I realise that she can’t be living now but her son could still be alive, though elderly. I am 80yrs of age now and myself, my children and grandchildren hope that I can discover what became of Edith Cooke formerly Sheriff after my birth in 1929. Can you please put me on your list? If you can I shall be very grateful. I am yours sincerely CYNTHIA LEMON Mary Cooke before adoption. Ref: 71
  • I am looking for a half sister by the name of Mary Riley or Mary Donovan; adopted by James and Frances Donovan in 1946 they lived at 29, Highgate Road, London. Mary was born 1945/1944. My dad and Marys dad was Peter Bailiff. Maureen Wardle I was wondering how to find information on my father's cousin Mary Jane Kemp who died in Nazareth House, Clyne Common, Swansea 17th November 1965. I have been unable to find anything about this lady, who was born in Lancashire, and after having a very privileged childhood, was admitted into Nazareth House. If anyone knows anything about Mary I would be very grateful. Linda. Ref: 70
  • Hello, I am researching my family tree and am trying to discover how my grandfather, who was born in Cardiff in 1896, came to be sent to the “Brothers of Charity” in Preston, Lancashire in the early years of the 20th century. I wondered if you might be able to help.
    My family believe that my grandfather, born (Carl) William Maxwell Martinsson was probably taken away from his mother, (after his father had died at sea) and was initially placed aboard the Industrial School Ship HMS Havannah on the Cardiff mudflats. The Havannah was sold for scrap in 1905, and it is possible my grandfather was then taken in by Nazareth House who were instrumental in sending him, and his brother Alexis/Lexie, to the Brothers of Charity in Preston, to work in the mills.
    I want to discover what truth there may be in this story. My ultimate goal is to discover who exactly my great-grandfather, Carl Gustav Martinsson was. All I know is that he was a Ship’s carpenter/Merchant Service, who may have been Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. He would have lived in Cardiff (Canton or St Mary districts) between 1891 and 1898. Dr Dave Martinson. Ref: 69
  • Hello Adel,
    My name is Susan Loane; my mother’s maiden name was Treadwell. Phyillis Joan. She in the RAF during the war, which she enlisted straight out of her private boarding school, which I understand was not of anyone's choice during that time. My mother married Terrence Loane in 1945/46 and migrated to Australia, in their own aeroplane, which my father flew, he was also in the air force. Hers is a very interesting story, and I would love to share it with some of her relatives, she was born in Northampton. I think in 1926 ish. As far as I know mum had two half sisters called Dorrie and Ann. I was very close to mum, I was her only daughter, I have two older brothers. I have a daughter called Sally and a son Called William, which I believe was mums fathers name. I am a psychologist, and I am wanting to travel to England during the next 2 years, and I would love to meet some 'relatives', If I have any... My mother never really recovered from her leaving England, which till the day she passed away, Dec 14 2005, she loved and loved and mourned for....unfortunately, mum lost contact with her half sisters, and this is another tale, must in a hurry as usual. Hoping this gets to someone who can help, I am still mourning my lovely mother. She was a 'one off'...Many thanks, Sue Loane. Ref: 68
  • Seeking information on Ellen and Ann Crowe who resided at Nazareth House Lancaster from 1902 to 1913 and any of Ann's descendents. I am one of three daughters born to Ellen and now living in Australia. I also have a photograph of the residents on the steps of Nazareth House taken in 1912 that I can email to anyone with a female ancestor who resided there in that era. May Pigrum. Ref: 67
  • Hi, I'm looking for information for a friend, Eileen. She was sent to the Styal home in Cheshire and stayed there until she was of age to leave. She is looking for any family. Her birth certificate states: 25 Feb 1933 at 9 Victoria Terrace, Openshaw, Manchester, a girl Eileen, Mother: Doris Bowker a Garment Machinist, at the address above. Can anyone help to find this family please. Thank you Ducie Hood NSW Australia. Ref: 66
  • We are sons of Eva Keenan now Murray born 07/07/1936. in Manor House Castlepollard Co. Meath. Daughter of Annie Keenan Cannon Street Kells.( Annie died on 29/12/1976) Received to Nazareth house 29.03.1939...recommended by Sr Leontia. Discharged 29/12/1950 to Nazareth house mallow subsequently married our father. We would also like to know her fathers name and who he was and anything about his background as we have nothing on him. We believe she may have had two sisters or half sisters and possibly a brother/half brother regards Jim murra. Ref: 65
  • I am looking for my two brothers Peter and Robin Metcalfe I am Victor Metcalfe I live in Australia Peter was borne 1944 and Robin 1947 I have not seen them for 55 years can you help me. Ref: 64
  • I, Peter Mahon, formally (1944- 1955) a boy of Nazareth House Churchill Street Sligo am looking for other Nazareth House boys who were there and remember me. Ref: 63 Reply received: Peter, if you acknowledge this? Will write again. I knew Sister Mary Dormitories top left house Jim Ref: 63a
  • I write for a friend of my mother. The son would like to establish contact with his father. No obligation- just friendly contact. His father is born 11.08. 1966 and his name is James Jonathan Cook, formally Gunnar of the 39 Field Regiment RA stationed at Dempsey Bks, Sennelager BFPO 16 (Paderborn Germany) from 1986- 1989. The name of the son is Gerry James Niggemeier. Please help him. Ref: 62
  • I know what I am about to ask is like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but I am actually grasping at straws for the sake of my mother. My mother is 86 years old. Her youngest sister left Guyana/British Guyana in the early sixties for England. My mother's wish is to see her sister and to meet her family. My Aunt's name is Isha Mohamed. She may be going by Carmen. She married a British soldier and left for England. My aunt would be in her seventies now. The only information that we have on her husband is that his last name may be James and that he may be from Sussex. My Mother's parents were Jan and Fatima Mohamed. They lived in La Penitence, Guyana. My mother's name is Clarice, but is known by Baby. Their brother’s names are Shama, Dhula, Walter, Arnold and Norman. Their sister’s names are Amy and Elaine. My name is Imran Ramnarine. I know with the very limited information that I have, I am asking for the impossible. However, I do believe in miracles. I pray and hope that there is someone out there who may know of my aunt and her family. Thanks so much. Imran Ramnarine. Ref: 61
  • If there’s anyone out there who knows of a Mary riley who had a baby adopted in 1949 would you please let me know, the baby is my half sister and I know she was looking for my dad some time ago. At birth she was named Mary Elizabeth riley and was born 1944/45. Mary was adopted by the Donovan. Please if anyone can point me in the right direction to finding my half sister I would be very grateful. Maureen Wardle. Ref: 60
  • Hi this is James Clayton I once lived in styals children home in Manchester with my brothers and sisters I was 1 to 2 years old during the war I was there till 1956. The names of my brothers and sisters are Robert Clayton, Raymond Clayton, Edward Clayton, Harold Clayton, Francis Clayton, and Margret Clayton. I’m now 66 years of age this year 4 years ago I got married and I would like to trace my brothers and sisters. I have tried everything to trace them so if it’s possible could you help me trace them. As I would like to find them. I have 10 grandchildren and 3 children from my first marriage and now I have 3 step- children and it would make my day if you could help me trace them. My phone number is 01526348518 don’t hesitate to ring me your faithfully Mr. James Clayton. Ref: 59
  • I am looking for anyone who lived in either Lee Hill (Lanchester) Cottage Homes, or Medomsley Edge Cottage Homes (both Co Durham) from 1936 – 1950. I was there with my sister & 2 brothers and would like to find old friends. Also, any boys who were at the Saltwell View Working Boys Hostel, Gateshead in the late 40’s. Ron Holder. Ref: 58
  • My name is Bridget Egan I am looking for my daughter who I gave up for adoption privately born at Nazareth house hill lane Southampton in 1965 her name was then Elizabeth Kuchar. Ref: 57
  • Hi Adel, My name is Vanessa and I am searching for any relatives of William Clifford Morris and Caroline Morris (Lewis)? Caroline moved to Australia in 1910 with her youngest son Herbert (Bert) and later married George Bailey and they had a son Lewis Harry Bailey. She left behind 3 sons, Thomas, Victor and Leonard Morris. Would love to make contact with any relatives….
    Thank you so much. Vanessa Skinner. Ref: 56
  • Hi Adel I am looking for my step brother Andrew Magoo (sp) He was adopted from a place in Oxford in England around 1960 'ish .He went to live in the USA I believe Washington . His mother is Esther Ethna Connolly. Dawn Cabon.Ref: 55
  • I am looking for the family of Mary Elizabeth Duggan as she die in march 1958 when I was only 8 month old yes I am her daughter Ann Stenning but before I was married my name was Ann Constance Wilson. Ref: 54
  • Looking for anyone who knew or knows anything about HILDA MAY COLLINS nee HOMEWOOD. Hilda disappeared from her home in London in 1936. She left her husband and 2 daughters. She was never heard from again. I have found a death and burial for her in 1958 in Dover court, Essex in 1958. She did not divorce her husband nor did he have her declared legally dead. Hilda was born in Kensington, London in 1897.
    Any information would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks. SUE NEWTON. Ref: 53
  • Hi my name is Ann Kelly And I am looking for my birth mother Ann Cunningham, I was born Helen Cunningham on 09-08-1950 and placed in Nazareth House Swansea from where I was adopted at 9 months old.
    Anna came over from Ireland where she had been working as a domestic servant at Granard Longford Eire. After I was born Anna went to work in service at Plas LLanstephan for a Lady Kylsant but after that I have no information and despite searching for years and using various agencies both in Wales & Ireland I have been unable to get any further. Anna is now into her 80's (if she is still alive) & I am aware time is running out and I would like to find out some information about my background to pass onto my sons. Ref: 52
  • I am looking for Jonathan Wynn-Williams (or could be jonathan wynne-williams)- he was Agricultural Extension officer in Kalomo Zambia
    1975. He knew my family at the Namwianga Mission there. If any one knows of him- please let him know we would love to hear from him. Rachel (Shelly Elder) Taylor and he can reach us at this email address. We are now in Houston, tx. Ref: 51
  • I’m looking for Peter Stefanovic I think he’s 55/56 years old? I’ve not been in contact with him since I was about 16 years, now aged 30.
    I know you worked as a police officer in London/Peterborough I work in criminal justice myself!!! I would hope you are able to find me KAREN . Ref: 50
  • I am Elizabeth born in England but I’m married and live in Italy I had my brother who was living with a women called Karin Parkin, and from her they had 3 children, Amanda Louise born November 20 1982, Steven Mark Jan 1984 and Maria Elizabeth if I am right in Jan as well but in 1986, all coming from Halifax, Bradford or Mixened, after a while they had some kind of problems and split up and left England, now we are looking for them, we have been searching on many web pages and I found Amanda looking for us on 1 web, searching for her family but that was in the year 2005 in Bedfordshire, if anyone can help me to get in touch or knows them please tell them that their aunt is on line looking for them and I would get them to get in touch with their father, at the moment I cant say much about their father because he had a bad experience 2 years ago, he had someone saying that she was Amanda and played bad tricks on him, so I would like to keep him out for now, I have to be sure that they are the right people ....................thank you Ref: 49
  • Hi Adel After being ripped off by other search engines & uncaring people I wondered if any of your uses can help me I am looking for an old friend of mine from the 1970s she was a student nurse called Patricia Sinfield she worked in Southampton between the R.S.H. &GENERAL HOSPITALS then she was looking after elderly patients I would be most grateful if anybody out there can help me yours sincerely B. Clayton. Ref: 48
  • I am trying to trace two family friends of my late parents, my father worked with Jim Mynott for 30 odd years and also played cricket with him, they have a son called John about the age of 59/60 now. His wife was called Millie last heard of was 1998 the year my mum died and. last known address was Doddinghurst near Brentwood Essex, would be grateful for any information. Ref: 47
  • David Rogers was born 13/3/1934 in Alexandra hospital Plymouth UK. His mother Winifred May Rogers was living in Tor Point Cornwall UK. David was sent for adoption and ended up in London at the National Children Adoption Association 71 Knightsbridge London SW1 from where he was adopted in 1938.
    How did he get there???
    What happened to him between 1934 & 1938???
    Where was he between 1934 & 1938???
    Was he still in Plymouth part or all of that time???
    How and why was he sent to London???
  • Hi Adel,
    Can you help me trace a missing uncle? I am tracing him for my aunt, who was married to him. The person that I am looking for is Thomas Williamson; he was born in Greengairs by Airdrie in Scotland on the 13/11/1952. He attended Greengairs primary school possibly between 1957 and 1964 then onto Airdrie academy, which he left around 1967/1968. He immigrated to Canada between 1970/1971. He married my aunt Margaret burns in St Louis church, waterloo, Ontario, Canada either on the 13th or the 19th of Feb. 1972. They divorced in Kitchener. Ontario, Canada on the 7th of Aug 1975. His last known address is 16 Richmond Avenue, Kitchener. Ontario, Canada. He may have returned to the UK. Thomas has an unusual middle name, which he can email me to confirm his identity. Please contact ASAP. Ref: 45
  • My name is Clare I am 25yrs old and am looking for my dad that I have never met I know he used to live in the north Peckham estate I think his name was Alex he was tall and had long hair, I believe he went to Canada years ago not sure for how long but I am certain that he did return, my mums name was Sandra Uter at the time if anyone has any information please email me thanks. Ref: 44
  • I spent a happy time in Nazareth House Hammersmith 1937; I am looking for father’s side of the family, name Walter Sibley. Please help. Thank you Patricia Costa. Ref: 43
  • Hi my name is Marie Hamilton, I would like to place a message on your board am looking for my brother Derek Joseph Dixon his date of birth is 8th or 9th of may he is 37 years of age. He was living in Essex I don’t know where, I haven’t seen Derek in 14 years, I would love him to get in contact as I got married two years ago, and he has another sister that I have just found after 34 years, Derek was born in Carlisle this is sister Marie Hamilton maiden name Dixon please can you help. Ref: 42
  • I am looking for any of the Nuttall family that lived at 8 Bannaman street Salford uk up till 1964 if anyone can help. Thank you Stephen Nuttall. Ref: 41
    Reply received
    Hi Adel I noticed on the web site that a Stephen Nuttall was looking for information regarding his family that lived at 8 Bannerman street Salford. I have tried to contact him via the email address but have had no reply; I have information regarding the family, who he is seeking, if you have a contact number then could you give him this email address or pass on this message. Thanks Mark McCole email: Ref: 41a
  • Dear Adel, I am trying to help a friend in South Africa who was adopted when she was 18 months old approx. adopted 10 July 1958 at Ellismore port. She believes her birth mother was called Maureen Castles but used the name Gaynor at her birth. So Ann was called Ann Marie Gaynor. Mother lived at 16 Primrose Gardens London NW3. Ann. birth date was 18th Feb. 1956. Both adopted parents and birth parents are dead. So she has got no more info only before her adopted mother died she told her that her birth mother had been in touch to say Ann had a sister and brother. . Mother also lived at 31 Greencroft Gardens Hampstead. Her adopted parents were called Douglas and Rosaline Morris.14 Stoke road Ellsmore port. Please can you put me in the right direction to help her? Thank you M Murphy. Ref: 40
  • Dear Adel, could you please add an enquiry to your site regarding any information which may come up regarding Nazareth House Isleworth, London during the 1930s and 40’s? My mother in law Mary Smith was an orphan there from 1939 till 1950. We are trying to find her parents or relatives. Regards, Simone. Ref: 39
  • Hi Adel, I came across your website and would be grateful if you could place a notice in there for me. I am looking for any ex-Nazareth House, Cape Town, South Africa girls or boys who were with me during the 1950's. I would be so grateful to hear from any of them. I believe that some have settled overseas so I'm hoping that one or two of them will read your notice board and see my message. Many thanks Sharon Uren. Ref 38
  • Dear Adel
    I am living in Southend Essex, and am trying to trace a relative of a relative, Mr Kenneth Charles Slater's son, Malcolm Slater, he worked as a Police Officer for the Devon/Cornwall Police for many years. His father Mr Kenneth Slater was born on the 23rd December and would now be 89 years old approx, he lived with Mrs Carol Slater for many, many years, in and around the Kent area, then they moved to Maldon in Essex, then Southminster in Essex. If Malcolm is still alive, please can he e-mail me , as I have some urgent news for him. Thank you Adel. Love Louise. Ref: 37
  • Hi Adel
    My name is Fred Johnson I live in Australia and I haven’t seen my aunt for over 45 years I did have her phone number but because she has memory loss when I used to ring her she would hang up I no longer have the phone number her name is Ellen Newton ne Johnson her husband was William (bill) Newton there phone is still under William Newton I think, when I was a kid we used to live with her at 3 to 6 months durations over a period of about 5 years and go to school in Wantage. I know she has lived in the same house for about 55 or 60 years she was Sir John Betchyemans (H>M Poet loriet) House cleaner whom I met many times with my brother Allan, at the time we were only very young I am now 56 Allan is 55 She also Worked at the Barclays bank as cleaner, she also went to Mass in Wantage on Sunday Mornings I think it was the large church in the middle of town from memory.
    The reason of this letter we are coming back to England April Next year and hope she is still with us I think she is about 95 or 96, my uncle Bill passed away many years ago he used to collect the milk from the farms in and around Redding and Wantage and loved to take us to the Pub called The Leg Of Mutton. (Not to drink) a packet of crisp with salt and lemonade.
    I need to contact the home care people that take care of her or even if she has been moved in to a Home care situation and to let her know that we are coming over and hope to see her. Hope you can find her if she is still living at the house I would like to send her a letter so the address would be great I remember the house last one on the right going up the hill there was a road on the right going down to the atomic research commission and that went on to the old air force runway where we used to go and ride our bikes and roller skate I hope the information will help a big thank you. Fred, Marilyn Johnson. Allan, Roslyn, Johnson. Ref: 36
  • To whom it may concern. My name is Mrs Phyllis Haycox. I am looking for my brother his name is Norman Lloyd of Meadow View, Weston, Lullingfield, Baschurch I heard from an associate that my brother has been put into a rest home and nobody knows which one, if anybody can help me with his whereabouts, it would be appreciated.
    From a very concerned sister Yours Sincerely Mrs Phylis Haycox. Ref: 35
  • Hi, I am looking for my step aunt, Indian, by the name of Selveranie Pillay originally from South Africa, who moved to the UK in the early seventies and married a White, whose surname was Vaughan. Ref: 34
  • At my Grandma's funeral I finally found out some info about her life but after 14 months of searching I'm still no further into finding out about her. Mildred Evelyn Gelson was born on July 21st 1922 at Warkworth House, Twickenham Road, Isleworth U.D. She was raised by nuns in an orphanage in Isleworth and later went into service for Lord Lichfield at Shugborough House, Staffordshire. Grandma married my Granddad in 1951 in South East Durham. If anyone has any information on where she was, why she moved or photos of her I'd be very grateful if you'd get in touch. We don't know very much at all about her life before she married granddad. Thanks, Jan. Ref: 33
  • Nazareth House, Plymouth Yelverton 1954. Photos? Records? Anything? I went here with my toddler brother in 1954. I was a baby in arms.
    Please can anyone help me find some records or photos or anything that records my brother and I attending? The very basis need is to know what date I was admitted and when I left and who looked after us? I am told by a sister at Nazareth House Durnford St Plymouth to call back and speak to the Manager at the end of the week. I am not expecting much luck as the orphanage at Yelverton was demolished 20 years ago. Kind Regards Kathryn Jackson. Ref: 32
  • Could you help please? I am looking for information regarding my mother Alice Travis and her siblings Mary Katherine (aka Kitty) and George their brother. They were cared for in Nazareth House (Manchester) for a few years following the death of their father James Travis. My mother Alice was born February 1911 and I believe she was placed there circa 1913 - 1915 Thank you. Annie. Ref: 31
  • Hi I am looking for my old next door neighbours from Talbot Gardens, St Budeaux, Plymouth Devon. dating back to 1976. My name then was Marian Barber. Steve was in the navy as was my husband. We both had sons within one month of each other. They had a son name Andrew and I had a son named Ian. I think that Steve and Shelaghoriginate from either Ellesmere Port or Southport. If anyone knows of there whereabouts, please email me. It would be lovely to locate them again.
    Thanks Marian Thoma. Ref: 30
  • Hi Adel
    Just came across your site, I am living in Ireland and am desperate to find my daughter-in-law Bernadette Murphy maiden name Savage and her son my grandson Simon/Peter who would be 17 this May 2006, I have not seen Simon since he was 5 years old and would love to make contact with them again, the last place I know they were living, was Cardigan Court in Leeds Bernadette is originally from Dublin and was involved with the Baptist Church at one time.
    Many thanks Doreen Murphy. Ref: 29
  • Hello,
    This is an unusual request, but we have lost touch with my grandmother who moved to a nursing home in Essex early this year. Her name is Josephine Morrell. She was living in Shoesburyness. She has left no forwarding address or number. We are anxious to get in touch with her as soon as possible. If you can help, please contact me. We are living in Australia at present so email is the easiest form of contact. Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Lilani Goonesen. Ref: 28
  • Hi Adel I am looking for my two cousins their names are Ian and Robert gill they used to live in Little Sutton Ellesmere port. Their dad was Alf there mums name was Barbara we used to call her Babs. I have been to there old house but none of the neighbours know where they have gone. There dad died about 6 to 8 years ago I know Ian used to be in the police force I have tried to find him through them but they didn’t want to know. If anybody out there knows where my cousins are please help me. I hope somebody can help me please I really want and need to see them thanks Sarah. Ref: 27
  • I am trying to trace information on my cousin Vivienne Elliott who was in Nazareth House Orphanage Plymouth during the war. I do not know if she was my aunt’s daughter or adopted by her as I also have been told of the name Bailey in connection with her. She was born about 1931/32 and married Roy Weeks about 1949/51. Can anyone help me please. Sheila Ref: 26
  • Dear Adel, I am looking for information regarding my great aunt Dora Davies who was born in Withington in 1915. She was put into Styal Cottage Homes, Cheshire in 1926 until 1931. She had younger twin brothers, Arthur and Harry Davies who were born in Crumpsall in 1919 (both now deceased) and also were also at Styal Cottage Homes. All I have is the birth certificate of Dora Davies giving her mother's forename and maiden name but there is no mention of the father's name or any of the three birth certificates. If anyone is able to help or thinks they may be related, please contact me . Regards, Michelle. Ref: 25
  • Hi my name is Annmarie, I found your website after many hours searching, and from looking at previous messages I am hoping you can help me!
    My mother was put into care at the age of approx 4 weeks old and remained in care until she was 16. From 1950 - 1966 She spent the first couple of years in Nazareth House, Yelverton. Devon Then Nazareth house, Durnford Street. Plymouth. Devon for a further few years and was then moved to Nazareth House, Portsmouth. Hampshire.
    Until she was 16. All of these places do not exist now. All we know is her birth mother refused to let her be adopted but wouldn't care for her herself. My mothers name is Patricia Eileen Lawrence. My mother's birth name was Margaret Mary Lawrence. I have spent several months trying to get contact with Nazareth House Hammersmith, but they do not reply to my letters. All we want to do is to retrieve my mothers file from when she was in care. I have her original birth certificate. I am hoping you can help? regards Annmarie James. Ref: 24

    REPLY: Have just read your email and the best people to contact for your mother’s file would be Plymouth City Council. I was in Nazareth House in Durnford Street from 1979 and the records are held with Plymouth City. Alternatively, Sister Mura, who ran Nazareth House in Durnford Street for a number of years is now at Nazareth House in South Africa. Type her name into the internet and Nazareth House and you should get an address for her. She may be able to help if you write to her. Good luck

  • My niece is trying to find her father ,she has not seen since she was a few weeks old, his name is Melvin Fothergill, He was last seen in Bolton around 1972,his Mothers name is Ann Lewis, Or Ann Foster,she lived in niece's name is Fiona Jackson, she lives in paris where she is at university, and has been trying to find Melvin for years. Could you add this to your site, Thank you, Sincerely Geraldine Jackson. Ref: 23
  • Dear Adel,
    I am trying to find out some information about my cousin, Peter Frederick Henry Chambers who died on the 6th October 1999 at Worthing hospital, Sussex. Peter was born on the 30th July 1931 in Fulham, London. He was a resident of "Hillrise", 16. Fitzalan Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5JR until his death. Over the years we lost contact, and I am trying to find out if anyone has any memories of him and also where was buried. I have visited the home, and someone remembered him. I wrote later for more information, but sadly they did not reply. As he is one missing link in my family tree, I would be grateful if you have any information on Peter. Especially any photographs. Further details: His father was my uncle Fred Chambers and I believe his mother (or step mother) was Ivy (nee Goode) Chambers.They are both now deceased, but did live in the Carshalton area of London. I also believe that Peter was a part-time fireman, but not sure in which area. Kind Regards EDWARD W. CHAMBERS. Ref: 22
  • I am trying to find my mother, Is she at your nursing home? My mothers name is Lorraine Susanne Irish or Cleary, she is approx 60 years, born on 23.6.45, last address, 12 Mirador Place St Judes Plymouth PL4 9HE. Ref: 21
  • Hi Adel, I am trying to help a friend, which he has asked for. He lives in Brittany & I live in Stoke-on-Trent. During his childhood he was an orphan at a place called the Little Cottage orphanage, in Penkhull Stoke-on-Trent. Only after he had long since left did he find out he had a brother at the orphanage, who actually became a friend while he was there - without either knowing. The building is still there but used for other ventures now. A search of the Internet provided nothing. Visits to the local libraries, police stations nothing either. Some of the locals have been very helpful regarding the history of the place, but only about the building itself, not the orphans. The local churches seem very reluctant to help. My friend Ken has happy memories of the place & is now trying to research his unknown start in life. I am looking for records of the orphans who were there from around 1948 - 1958. Can anyone out there help me? Many thanks, Mike Walker. Ref: 20
  • Hi there, Don’t know if you can help but here goes. I was born on 3/9/1946, I was adopted at the age of 4.5 yrs from Nazareth House, wether it was Swansea or Cardiff I do not know. My adopted family name is Martin, I have some suspicion that my former family name was Wilson, but it is only a distant and old hunch that could be wrong. How do I find out my history. One reason is Medical, the other is a desire to know why I was placed there in the first place. Can you help?? I live in Bedfordshire and have 2 sons and a wife. Yours hopefully John R Martin. Ref: 19
  • Dear Adel
    I am try to find out what has happened to my uncle, Maurice Ash, b 18th Sept 1910. In about 2000, he was in: The Grove Residential Home, St Thomas’ Place, Penkhull, Stoke on trent. However, this is not on your list. Do you know how I might find out anything about it, or him? Many thanks, John Wills. Ref: 18
  • Dear Adel I was born in 1929 to Reginald Arthur Lingard and Margaret Lilian Lingard nee Shaw of 93, Henleaze Rd , Westbury on Trym on Nov.19th 1929.
    In January 1932 I was adopted by a family by the name of Ellis of Pendyffryn Rd., Rhyl. Please, please is there anyone there who knows of this family . I would give anything to know before I die. I live in Queensland Australia. Any information would be very welcome, Brenda Starkey, originally Pamela Mary Lingard. Ref: 17
  • I am looking for any records for my mother who was in Nazareth house Scotland also Smylliun house from the age of new born till she was 17 years if age that was in 1934 till 1951 I am trying to trace family members in England as she has not seen them in 45 years she has half brother and sisters aged between 56 years and late 60s my mum is now 71 years old would love to be able to find some information for her, her name was Mary Jessi Cecelia Webster Ashwood Mcafferty from Lanarkshire I think hope someone knows something, thanking you Angela dyer we presently live in Australia now my parents immigrated 40 years ago. Ref: 16
  • Hi Adel My name is Sheila Sempa I am looking for Annette white who just turned 28 yesterday. I went to school with her at latchmere junior school in Battersea, London in hte 1980's. I left in 1988 for another country and have never been in touch with her since. Yours sincerely Sheila Sempa Ref: 15
  • Nazareth House Orphanage, Cardiff (records) I wonder if you could place this on your page and see if anyone could help please. Preferably from 1938 – 1950. Thanks. Martine Ford Sheridan & Leonard. Ref: 14
  • Hello, I'm trying to find information about Elizabeth Fox Inman, who was living in Leeds, England in the early 1950s. She was married to a sailor who was stationed for part of the time in Malta, and trained as a nurse in Armley. I think she would be about 74 years old now. If anyone knows anything, however minor or out of date, please let me know. Thanks! Faye E. Ref: 13
  • Hi, I wonder if you can help me I am trying to locate Dorothy Lumley who was residing at Middlesmoor House, 2 Langcliffe Ave East several years ago. I am trying to trace her on behalf of my mother Jessie Fox, formerly Jessie Deane, who is Dorothy Lumleys sister. If you have any information I would be grateful as my mum would love to see Dorothy again. Kind Regards Deb Fox. Ref: 12
  • Hi Adel My Name is Steve O'Donnell, I am looking for my Nan Isabelle O'Donnell, she previously lived at Coldingham Gdns, Fenham Newcastle Upon Tyne. Because of Family Problems I Have been unable to get in touch with her for the last two yrs. I have now found out that she has been in a care home for the last 15mths, and was wondering if anyone can help? As far as I know she is close by her previous address... I really want to see her any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Steve Ref: 11
  • Hi Adel, I am looking for information re: MARGARET BURTON who died sometime after1980 and was in a care facility for a short while after her husband, John, died. She had lived sometime at 6 MANOR DRIVE, PENWORTHAN, PRESTON, ENGLAND. I don't think there were children but not sure but think she/he had cousins living at the time of her death. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, FRANCES MADDOX Ref: 10
  • Hi Adel I am hoping that someone maybe able to help me with my research. My mother was put into the Nazareth House in Derry in 1928 she was about 18 months old and she remained there until she was adopted at the age of four of five. Her name was Margaret Mary White or Galbraith. I know this is quite a long shot but if anyone has any information of the history of the Nazareth House or photographs from this era I would really be pleased to speak to them. My mother’s birth certificate has never been located. Her mother was called Matilda Galbraith and the father was possibly called White. He is believed to have been a policeman in Londonderry. I would appreciate any info no matter how small.
    Hello Adel
    I hope you may be able to help me. I have already placed a message on your page, to which I have had a couple of replies. But recently I received an email from a Rachel Hawwood? to which I have accidently deleted and did not get to read or reply to her email. I am hoping that she may visit your site once more and see this message. I would be so grateful if you can help. Thank you Geraldine Wilson. Ref: 09
  • Missing relative I have an uncle that lives in filey and I have been unable to trace him through search sites on the internet. As he is quite elderly (probably in late 70's) I wondered if he could be a resident of one of your facilities in Filey. His name is Malcolm Thomas. and he has 2 surviving brothers in England. One in Devon the other in West Midlands. My sister and I went to live in Canada in 1954, returned for a visit in 1962 and have lost all contact since then. We are coming to England for a tour and a visit to Bridlington where we lived with my grandmother and uncle Malcolm. We would love to be able to see him but don't seem to be able to trace him. His wife died quite a few years ago so he could be on his own. We have contacted the Bridlington news service and "Judy" says she will put something in the paper there to see if we can locate old friends and relatives. We would appreciate any help you may be able to provide. Thank you in advance Anne Lesnick Ref: 08
  • Hi Adel, I am doing some research into my mother's cousin Major Edward Macey who disappeared in Cyprus in 1964, while serving with the UN peacekeeping force. His Mother Alice Clara Macey was in Gratwick House Rest Home, 55 Norfolk Rd, Littlehampton before her death in hospital in January 1970.Alice's previous address was C/o Canon T J Kirkland Bsc, St Ovins, Clagmore Rd, Rustington, Littlehampton.We are wondering if she was actually acquainted with Canon Kirkland or was there an aged care facility at that address? Her son's emergency address while in the Army was the same. We are also looking for Alice's niece Eileen Alannah Bolton whose address in 1970 was 172 The Street, Clapham, when she was the informant on Alice's death certificate. We would like to get in touch with her about family history details if anyone knows where she is living now. Kind regards.
    Hi, Further information received regarding Eileen Alannah Bolton reveals about 10 years ago, she went to live with her daughter Maureen who was a microbiologist, married with 2 children and lived in Scotland. Can anyone help with Maureen's married name and location please? Searching for family information. Kind Regards, Annette Weckert Ref: 07
  • Dear Adel I wondered if you could help me please. I am researching my family tree and am looking for a orphanage/care home which was called Cottage Homes in 1926 in Norton Road, Stourbridge. My mother-in-law lived there from an early age. I have found your web site and note that Westfield Lodge is in Norton Road and wondered if you might be able to tell me if you have access to any history on the building. This may be a long shot but I thought it may have been the orphanage before it became Westfield Lodge.I apologise for this not being a 'work related' query but I am having great difficulty locating the whereabouts of this home. I would really appreciate any help or information you may have,but of course, if you are too busy please accept my apologies again for any inconvenience caused.Regard Jenny. Ref: 06
  • Dear Adel, I recently became interested in my family history on my fathers side. And to be more precise, his fathers side. This leads me to the family of Clarkson who lived in Keldhead Hall in North Yorkshire prior to its becoming a care home. If there is any remaining information on the Clarkson family or the history of the hall itself, I would be extremely grateful to receive it! Yours sincerely, Natasha Rogerson Ref: 05
  • Dear Adel, I came across your website and thought you might be able to help me. I am trying to locate my elderly aunt Nellie Backhouse who, if she is still alive would be in her early 90’s. Up until about 6 or 7 years ago she was living on her own in a residential home or retirement village in Clacton, Essex that apparently was run by the local council. My parents in New Zealand corresponded with her regularly for many years but she eventually found it too difficult to write and had to enlist the help of a neighbor when replying. I understand that she moved on to a new locality but I don't know where. We have had conflicting reports as to whether she is still living. If she has died it would be good to know when this occurred and where she is buried. Aunty Nellie was my mother's youngest sister. She never married. The Clacton address where she was living is; 61 Holly Court, 200 Old Road, London Road Clacton, Essex CO 151 HX Living in Adelaide, South Australia does make this type of search rather difficult. I would be most grateful if you could help in any way. Yours sincerely Ian Vince Ref: 04
  • Dear Adel, I am writing on behalf on my Italian cousin, Felicita Pelosi who lives for most of the year in the moutain village of Picinisco, near Frosinone in Italy. My father (Felicita's uncle) was Italian and came from Picinisco. We are tring to obtain contact details for Maria Corelli [Mary Corell MacDonald Gill] the author of a short story entitled "In Love and War."; Apparently Maria lived for some time in Picinisco in a house currently occupied by one of our cousins, and then spent the duration of the second world war hiding from the Germany army in a cave somewhere near the village. I understand that Maria now lives in West Wittering and so am writing to your contact address to see if I can obtain a reply. My cousin would like an address for Maria so that she can write directly to her . Felicita's interests include the local history of Picnisco, which has had its fair share of interesting English literary visitors in the past. Thanking you in advance. Yours sincerely, Dr John A Crolla Ref: 03
  • hello, perhaps some one in the Lowestoft area of the John Turner House can help me. I am looking for the Sissons family who managed (i believe) the House in Lowestoft back around the dates of 1987-1989 . They had a daughter Caroline , who married an American Serviceman named Kirby Albright. they had a daughter and moved to the US, after his tour in the UK was done. Kirby was my best friend while I was over in the UK . I was stationed with him at RAF Bentwaters , near Ipswich. I guess we drifted apart after we got out of the services... A few years ago , i ran into another mutual friend of Kirbys and he said that Kirby developed cancer and passed on to the Lord, and his wife and daughter returned to the UK, presumably the Lowestoft area.I would like to find/talk to Caroline, his widow, to express my condolences and remember good times we had. Any member of the Sissons family who anyone can get me in touch with would be much appreciated, i believe she also had a younger sister . Caroline would be about 34-36 right now. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may give me. Thank you again, my time in the UK and my time with Kirby and his family was the best experience of my life. Ref: 02
  • hello Adel Kay and Ian are looking for their long lost sister and aunt Irene born Irene Treadwell Understood to be living in care in Temple Ewell since 1983
    Ref: 01
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