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CAN YOU HELP?News about Missing or Lost People

Hi, my name is Donald Morrison. 65 years old, my father was posted in England during the 2nd world war while fighting in France etc. He took leave in England in 1943-45 at various points according to his war records. I am the oldest son here in Ontario Canada I just recently was told by my mother that Dad, Charles Morrison had a child or children in England. I'm sorry that I have been robbed of a possible long and hopefully good relationship with a sibling from my father. My Mother passed away last year, and broke the news to me just a short time before she passed away. My dad passed away in 1989 on, of all days, Mother's day. Please, I mean no disrespect to anyone who might be out there; I really would like to meet though, if that's possible. Life is so short. If further info is needed from me please, by all means ask. I really want to know. My Mother and step-father, Ben Skull were over to visit a few years back and apparently Dad asked them, unknown to me, to check to see if a person was ok, His family live in Surrey. I don't have any more info than that at present. Still will do more looking as I can find more out. Thanks for any help you might have. Donald K. Morrison Ref: 174 Hi, and thanks for your response. I have found out that there is supposed to be a sister, the name of "Davis" came up in our conversation, and they were asked to look in a place called Kingston, possibly living at one time with a grandmother. My step-father is not very well with memory now, that's all he can think of. I hope this helps


Thank you! You will never know how grateful I am. Me and mum made contact today. I found her twitter which had a number she tweeted and added it to whatsapp and sent a message she replied back and just wow!! Thank you so much it was you giving me the email that led to this. This is truly amazing! Your a truly wonderful person and changing lives to reconnect people. It's not financial wealth that is life changing it's the things that money can't buy like my story. Thank you so much! Bless and love always. Ps please post this on your site to give others hope not to give up and as evidence of what you provide for free. Much love Simone

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